April 2010 Newsletter

Have you ever experienced a "DREAM" within a dream?  If you answer yes, you will be able to relate, if the answer is no please get ready for a new and unusual experience.

I am in a room, somewhat familiar to me and watch a story unfold on an old television set.  The TV set is sitting in the middle of a room, sparsely furnished with a futon looking piece of contraption, a hand carved table with a lamp and piles of papers on the floor.  A planter is sitting in the right corner, it must have had a rather large plant in it at one time, now it is empty.  I wonder why the TV set is still operational, it appears to be out of place in this set up.

The announcer... on the old TV... tells that all artifacts from the Iraq war have been returned to the people.  I nod my head in agreement, since it would have been unlikely for the Iraqi people to have plundered their own artifacts, knowing they held information as to their original origins, being the cradle of one of the oldest civilization.  Usually in war the invader or conquerors are in possession of the holy things of a country under attach.

The channel changes and a very modern woman discusses the fact that we now have girdles for men.  She talks about her excitement that men can now appreciate the fact that girdles are very uncomfortable, especially if the only reason for wearing it is to appear attractive to others.  I scratch my head, had never really thought about that, since I never cared what I looked like to others.  I dressed for myself.

A story follows about condoms for girls.  My mind is trying to imagine how uncomfortable that might be and what females go through to take responsibility for birth control. As I try to sort this out I remember some of the other contraptions we have implanted in our bodies for the same end result.

The dream changes and I am inside of a book, I can see the title: Daughters of the Earth by Carolyn Niethammer.  I am in page 52.  Margaret Mead found in her studies of the Omaha that no sex during menstruation taboo was originally intended to protect the power and skills of the men but was later used as a form of birth control.

Again the dream changes and I am now at the hunting lodge in Manitoba, belonging to Ed Schultz and his wife.  Ice truckers ran into intense ice melt and were unable to get back to base.  They broke into the lodge and stayed there till someone picked them up and took them back to home base.  How nice Ed Schulz admired their ingenuity rather than charging them with Trespassing.

I am in a different room in the house, it has grass mats on the floor and only a water bucket as furnishings.  A phone rings.  I locate the phone and it isWal  Mart updating my personal information because I paid $ 40 for a Visa Card, so I can rent movies from NetFlix .  Name, address, social security number, phone number and cell phone number along with current e-mail address and the number on my receipt.  I don't have my receipt, I did not know I had to prove I gave Wal Mart $ 40 of my money!  Oh, a nightmare, I am so stressed out!  A dream in a dream so let me wake up in my dream in my dream.

I am sitting in a Gazebo overlooking a pond.  A slight breeze is caressing the water and I so enjoy the lemonade in my cup.   A whale appears in the pond playing with a woman.  I smile and wonder how a wild animal can show such affection for a human being.  The whale gets restless, something is disturbing him on some level, play takes a turn and the human female appears lifeless.  She is dead.  The whale cries and explains that something is so wrong in the world and he does not want to be in a small pond, he needs to live in the ocean, it is unnatural to live in a pond.  He feels bad about the accident, something is troubling him on a frequency he is unable to identify.

The water in the pond is calm, it shows me a map of the world.  On the map it shows the fault lines of the planet.  Just about then aMega quake appears on the Pacific side of the world.  In Chile.  The quake throws the axis of the Earth and moves the towns epi-center to the west by 10 feet.

I can hear the whale tell me that this might have been what made him so restless.  Tsunami sirens are sounded around the countries of the ring of fire.

The water in Olympia raises by almost 2 feet and Black Lake has a current, even now 3 weeks after the "almost" tsunami.  The bottomless lake originating from springs still has a current and no one wants to investigate and determine what is happening in the great deep of this body of water.

The whale throws 2 dictionaries at me the pages are marked: According to Webster the word CARE means: to feel interest, be concerned, worry, anxiety, concern and caution. According to Follette by Klucksman CARE means: to be concerned for, to actively and physically take care of someone, to attend someone's needs and to oversee someone's well being.

I am now at the drug store.  I have a prescription for a bedside commode.  The Pharmacist wants to know why I want a bedside commode.  I tell her my Doctor thought it was a good idea since on some occasions I have trouble maneuvering my legs in a timely fashion to get to the restroom on the other side of the house.  These times cannot be estimated since the problem comes on suddenly, without warning, ever since a recent medical procedure has robbed me of some body functions.  The Pharmacist shakes her head and notifies me that she does not agree with said diagnosis because I walked into her store rather than rolling.  I remind her of a purchase at her store 2 years earlier of a raised toilet seat.  She asks me to fill out a stack of insurance papers and I do.  The next day I am notified the insurance request has been denied based on the fact that I walked into the store.  I get angry and try to retrieve the prescription and the insurance papers.  The prescription is entact, but the insurance papers have been shredded.

The whale wants to know if there was chance if the woman thought I was going to trade a bedside POT for CRACK....The whale laughs and shakes the house.

I am now back at the present dwelling watching EVERY discussion and argument available on Health Care Reform.  Time goes by rapidly and reform is passed over the objection of many.  The whale is reclining across from where I am sitting.  He is taking up the whole couch.  I ask him to be careful as not to break the revered couch a friend bought me after the earthquake.  He asks me if I have noticed the loud patterns on the floor of the places the discussions took place.  I think he is referring to the carpets and yes, actually I had.  He thinks it was in part for that reason that so many had acted in such a crazy way to describe the making of the health care bill.  People, which hollered the loudest in opposition appeared to be mis/uninformed and acted on what they heard on FOX news.  Politicians knew the bill was imperfect, yet a beginning for better care for many.

He made it clear that in his opinion humans were really puzzling.  Instead of fixing problems, they were creating more all the time.  Just as they took him from an ocean and confined him in a pond, instead of expanding on how to make life better they are confining knowledge in reference to a different outcome.  Instead of making the pond wider, they returned it to the same size it was 40 years ago.

In order for people to make correct judgements, they need to be fully informed rather than speak on things they don't know about. "I hope you get your potty chair.  I have to get back to performing tricks."

I open my eyes, I am in my bed, the cat snoring by my head.  I try to regain my composure, this must have been an all night dream.

CNN shows a sound bit of the VP whispering in the President's ear:   It's a big f*&^%*$ bill.  My dream in my dream is over, as I remember it it turns out it is all the f****** truth.

Love and Light

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