Lilian's September Newsletter

On the news it was reported that there was a traffic jam in China, which lasted 9 days.  My friend Rosie had been visiting from North Dakota and it was time for me to take her to the train station, so she could start her 27 hour long return trip.  I suggested we get to the train station early, in case we would encounter delays or car problems... I always think about possibilities as such... so we left in plenty of time.   Her train was delayed by 20 minutes.  I started my way home and had to stop at the railroad crossings on the roads home for 4 trains.  4 TRAINS, totaling a combined number of railroad cars of 256.  I counted them.  Of course that put the 9 day traffic jam in China into a total different light for me.

I remember writing a newsletter in reference to waiting for one train to pass at that same crossing a few years earlier and thought I could compare my memory from than to now.  Not possible, today's world is so very different than it was 3 years ago.  Remember thinking how good the world could be with our political  policy somewhat different and how it was just a matter of time before things would change.  Things did change, for the better for the most part and yet a very dangerous intruder emerged.  HATE.

In my book : And the moral of the story person at a time I used the word hate 4 times.  A friend read the book before it was published and thought the word did not match the content and context of what I was trying to say and I suddenly realized I really did use the wrong word, in fact I did not fully understand the word HATE, the use of it was more automatic and thoughtless, it was just mainstream and I had adopted it along with many other things in my new life and new language in America over a 40 year period.  It did not represent the full meaning of an emotion or a line of thought in a true sense of the word.

According to Webster the word HATE means: abhor, abominate, despise, detest, execate and loathe.

According to Follette by Glucksmann the word HATE means: to oppose an idea or person to the point to afflict injury and/or harm,  to dislike to total annihilation.

Social sites are a wonderful tool and way to befriend new friends , even connect with old friends.  What I like about it is that I am in control, who ends up in my group of associates.  When an ADD me as a friend shows up in my e-mail I look at the profile, check what the petitioner reads, the music listened to is listed.  I look what comments are posted and remain on the profile and take a quick look at the friends of the person requesting to associate with me.  It tells me a lot about the person and based on what I see I allow or disallow the person to enter my community of friends.

Unlike social sites when looking for information on a certain subject, which are listed by keywords I often run into articles and information which is totally opposite of what I expected.  This is even true of my own web site.  The subject is appealing and interesting and then... somewhere is a passage or a sentence which sends me in a world wind of emotional distress, because it is the total opposite from what I consider acceptable in my own line of thinking.  It disturbs me for a couple of seconds and my mind continues it's journey to the next thing, since we are so overloaded with multitasking and processing the information available to us 24/7.

I had really looked forward to my friend's visit and was getting ready for her stay when an acquaintance from the past suggested she come see about me.  I was excited.  She, my acquaintance brought 2 of her friends with her, I was delighted.... not haven seen her in several years.  One of the Ladies with her turned out to be a computer wizard.  I was so grateful. the laptop was broken again.  The Lady fixed it and inquired if there was anything else she could do for me.  I remembered a DELL back-up laptop someone gave me in 2008.  My granddaughter and I had used it while on the road filming for the show.  It had no memory and did not serve our purpose for that reason.  The Lady offered to take a look and suggested she take any unnecessary programs out.  I explained someone had gifted the PC to me and I only needed the bare necessities.  After a while she proudly announced she had accomplished the task and amongst other things managed to remove the POP UP MONKEYS of a screen saver.  I was dealing with an educated, working in high places in the publics eye type woman.  I asked her to repeat what she said and again, she commented proudly that she had removed the 4 monkeys which kept popping up as a screen saver.  After I was sure I understood her correctly I told her the 4 "MONKEYS" were my beautiful Afro American grand daughters.  Needless to say, the visit ended and my gratitude went right out of the window.  This disturbed me greatly for several days.  Had my home not been unmistakably decorated in Native American, African and Middle Eastern fashion, adorned with pictures of my multi cultural family, I might have thought it was an unintentional oversight.  In fact it is a reflection of what I see happening everywhere.

Fear, Propaganda, Hate and discourse is spread more and more now.  What makes this dangerous is that so many participate in that line of thinking.

It disturbs me greatly when totally radical and unreasonable ways of looking at things are being blamed on Libertarian Ideas.  

It disturbs me greatly that TEA PARTY'ERS wish you to report Immigrants.

It disturbs me greatly that it is suggested to amend the 14th Amendment.

It disturbs me greatly when it is not realized that THEORY is NOT wisdom in practicality.

It disturbs me greatly that some do not know the difference between uneducated, unaware and outright Stupid.

It disturbs me greatly that a device causing extreme pain to humans, after being rejected by the military for use on enemies are being used in our prisons on inmates.

It disturbs me greatly when religious freedom is being challenged.

It disturbs me greatly to think that now that most of our troops are home some, through Islamophobia.... a new word.... wants to start a disturbance in our neighborhoods.

It disturbs me greatly to think many of us in all walks of life promote tolerance, love for our fellow man, respect for one another, our environment and the Cosmos.  Children of the 50's and 60's wanted to change the world and did, only to want to put it all back the way it was before.

Rosie Magel came to visit for 9 days.  A woman I met on my social site.  A Kindred Spirit, 13 years my junior.

Originally she befriended my niece Claudia.... Speaking of Claudia.  The TV Show A Visit with a person of High Strangeness has ZERO budget.  Claudia has to come from Frankonia, Germany in November in order to film some shows for 2011.  The price of her plane ticket has almost doubled and we are in need of MANY frequent flyer miles... KLM.... or Cash to make up the difference.

Rosie and I filmed 3 shows,
Ft. Union, ND
, a story about an old Indian Trading Post.
Ring around the Rosie, a show about her as a medium, orbs, fairies and portals in the Northwest.

AND, we filmed Predictions 2011.

We tuned out the world in order to see what else there is and how we can learn to make our hectic existence a bit easier.

We visited the MIMA MOUNDS, located and filmed portals and interdimentional creatures in the forest.  Talked to our ancestors and asked for help for our planet.

We walked the beach asking for guidance about the destruction of our oceans.  ( Rosie walked, I was unable to move...back and rib issues)

We called on Orbs and filmed the most beautiful pictures, a spiritual experience and proof we can call on the Earth Creatures when in distress or just want to say Thank You.

We captured Fairies on film and enjoyed their light hearted presence and the happiness they radiate.

We sat up all night talking about the places of our birth, the teachings of the old country, the new things we learned and what we had to contribute to society.

We compared ideas and talked about our children... and my grandchildren and great grand children... and what we hoped for them in the future.

We laughed, and laughed, and laughed, found good in all circumstances, people, places and things and were grateful for our life.

I thought about Olympia's clinically clean train station run by volunteers...guess Amtrak is hurting for money, $ 446 for a 1200 mile ride is not efficient.  A window washer cleaning the glass sheltering the weary traveler from the elements.  The bricks donated by locals by paying money for a brick bearing the name of a loved one, the courteous city bus driver waiting for passengers from a delayed arrival.  I have never seen such a clean and orderly train station anywhere in the world.
Here comes a blue KIA, a young boy emerges, pulls down his pants and urinates on the sidewalk.  Now that is more like it!

Love and Light

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Predictions 2010

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