Lilian's March Newsletter

Staples and I appeared to be at odds about the way they printed my book in my time-frame, so it took a couple of trips to the store in their time line. I huffed and I puffed and was not a happy camper.

Finally, I “thought” I resolved my distaste and headed out of the automatic door, still mumbling.

I looked up and the sky was the most beautiful reds and yellows. It immediately changed my mood. A bit further down the road, a road, which is an overlook of the City, Mt. Rainier looked like it was sitting right on the bottom of the hill, snow white and looked so close, one could have thought if the breaks fail coming down the hill, one would run right into the 14,000 ft-plus giant.

To the left of the mountain was the biggest full moon I have ever seen. It was gold and burgundy, almost twice the size of a full harvest moon. I tapped my breaks and said: “ OMG”, thinking I had landed in a place other than Earth, since there had NEVER been such a magnificent Moon in my reality.

I had loaned out my phone, my Flip-cam's battery was dead and the little camera in my purse proved to be useless.

Steve Pool. The weatherman sent a Twitter, the picture someone sent to him about 100 miles from where I saw it. The Moon in the photo looks about a fourth of what I saw... never the less, it will give you an Idea.

Picture by Joe Michael

I was kicked back to reality later on that night when having a conversation with a young expecting Mother, who grew up in Eastern Europe. We talked about a multitude of subjects including current affairs, mostly because we wondered what kind of life her little boy was going to be facing on this strange place called Earth at this given time.

Somewhere along the line the “OLDEN” days came up and we discussed how uninformed current America is when it comes to the term used almost daily: if you don't like it,,, take it to the streets.

I was here during the last couple of years of the civil rights movement and saw what that looked like.

As violent as it appeared... and was... it was the Nonviolence, never tiring persistence of the people, which made the changes... eventually.

My friend told me how her parents shared stories how revolutions had changed their world, they also told how during those times old family/tribal feuds were fought during the same time, since revolution was a cover for many personal vendettas. Besides, when it was all said and done everyone kept a watchful eye out for potential threats of retaliation. No matter what the movements are called people suffer and we, in modern day America have very little or NO points of reference.

The Patriot Act was allowed to expire and things looked up, or so it appeared.

As a result of my Reclast Infusion in 2010, I am still struggling with some of the side affects of this terrible Osteoporosis drug. My jaw is affected and in need of a contraption to stabilize to keep it from collapsing. It took 7 month to find a dentist interested enough to make an effort to look at the problem. I was ecstatic.

On my second visit to the clinic I was asked to sit in the “Chair”. I did and after the Doctor took an updated complete X-ray of my jaw I was returned to my “Chair”. A woman came in and got busy with something on the counter to the left of me. She never said anything and was busy for some time.

Next thing I know a female voice to my right....about even with my shoulder and not visible to me...said:”OPEN YOUR MOUTH”. I did, at which time something cold, wet and very hard was shoved into my mouth. I was startled, started choking and attempted to get this person... now visible to me... off of me. She started to yell. How I had better not gag, she was not getting paid for this shit, she was tired...I am fighting for my life, at which point I elbowed her, to get her away from me.

It took some time.... it seemed like an eternity to me... before I was finally able to start breathing and, angry, actually I was furious and wanted to retaliate in ways I am not going to put in writing. I manage to finally compose myself. I was so traumatized, it took me about two weeks to recover from the experience.

I waited for my 3rd visit before I had a long talk with the Doctor and told her what had happened. She was surprised, since the assistant had not mentioned having a problem with me and getting elbowed in the gut by me. I pointed out that the clinic catered to mostly seniors in their denture department, also Medicare/Medicaid patients. People hard of hearing and quite often women having been raped at one point in their life, especially during times no one was talking about such things. Veterans with PTSD and the described action of this assistant constituted a personal violation in the manner it was preformed.

I have a almost 3-inch benign parathyroid tumor in my neck. At times it creates a gag/reflex, at which time it closes off my throat. I am unable to swallow, speak and breath....see my book:

Remembering your future:

On my 4th visit the assistant was gone.\

It is sad, when we live in a time when we are afraid to speak up, times have changes so much, the smallest disagreement can be interpreted as some unspeakable act.

Case and point:

John T, Williams was a Native American wood-carver.

He was shot and killed on the street by Seattle police 7 seconds after requesting to drop what police thought was a knife.

John, 50 years old was hard of hearing and deserved more than 7 seconds before needlessly loosing his life.

In an Police inquiry it was determined the action of the police officer was unjustified. A Grand Jury found in all 8 counts that the action of the Officer was unjustified...yet... no charges filed because of a law, which protects officers of undue prosecution, if they thought their life was in danger.

See for yourself.

People took it to the streets and peacefully marched for days, some missing the yearly Pow Pow.

Another man named Williams made the news:

It started out as a great story, since the “Homeless Man With The Golden Voice” appeared to get another start in his life. Of course someone took it upon themselves to invite the rest of the family...a situation he apparently wanted to get away from. It only took a minute and the poor man was back to point A and no one seems concerned how he is doing these days, since it is no longer newsworthy.

I can only imagine his dilemma in dealing with his life after his “FAME”.

I was talking on FB to a friend from Egypt when the internet to Egypt went down. I tried reconnecting and it notified me that this site was no longer accessible from the US.

With that started the domino effect of revolutions in the Middle East and North African countries.

Rick Sanchez, former anchor for CNN, managed to put together the most incredible news links on the ground in all the countries and it was amazing, almost miraculous to stay in touch with events so far away, in real time.

I was puzzled that I did not see such an enormous event in the Predictions. We double checked and transcribed the predictions for 2011 and discovered I did see it.

It was there described as the US, which looked like a ship. The ship was in the vice of a gigantic octopus. Each time a tentacle was removed, another one took it's place. Of course I had no Idea what is was that I was looking at.

I saw Dick Cheney back in the news.

I saw verbal attacks on Michelle Obama.

I saw Joe Biden in the middle of a controversy.

I saw Hillary Clinton changing colors....figuratively.

I saw someone trying to bust the Unions.

Dick Cheney has reared his head, once again.

Nasty cartoons about the First Lady have been published and the opposition is very disrespectful towards Michelle Obama.

Both Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton have stated they are not going to continue their jobs in 2012.

At the time of this writing the demonstration about the Anti-Union Bill are still in process.

Amidst of all the turmoil, my Niece Claudia came for a 20 day visit. She had been unable to come for 5 years due to an accident she had involving a drunk driver. Her visits occurred every 6 month over a period of close to 10 years, she found everything quite different after such a long absence,

She avoided being stranded at US airports by having the insight to fly over the North Pole and missing the snow storms, which raged across our land.

Our views were as opposite as the distance in countries in which we reside, a rather interesting phenomenon I thought, since we use to think alike. We visited places we had been before, reconnected with old friends and filmed a show on Reincarnation. It was quiet interesting to witness some sessions.... I was present in case I needed to translate.

For those of you, which have an interest in this subject, she wrote a little explanation as to the process, which goes as follows.... per GOOGLE TRANSLATOR:

PLEASE NOTE: It makes no sense to me, a translator translates each word, not considering sentence structure, I shall admire you brave souls trying to decipher this BUT, it proves my point of having to arrive at a Universal understanding AND we have to think global. We have to make sure that when we speak the person we are speaking to understands what we mean, or we can really create new problems. Good Luck!

We have all lived before and several times, in different centuries as a man or a woman. Once we were in the celestial spheres, but it was boring to us, we had our free will and thereby we came to Earth. But since we have free will we made mistakes, sometimes fatal error and now we should learn from this experience on the other side of our error. Eg. Humiliation: we are oh so haughty, which had improved and our fellow human beings treated us like animals, enslaved, and perhaps even to our enjoyment. Eventually we die and reincarnate into the next life. There we learn then how it is when one is humiliated, z bsp. As a woman to be beaten, to be abused, etc. But we do not know AWARE. Ask ourselves: why I do what I've just done me such a pain is added to. It's simple: We should learn from it and make the experience as it is to be humiliated. This is just one example there are thousands of so-called mistakes we made. We all have this longing for peace and love, this should bring us back home. That is our goal.

In the reincarnation therapy, we look for the events of past lives to discover and understand and learn to forgive ourselves and the people whom we have inflicted this suffering. Usually quickly resolved, "our problem" now in quality of life. With this realization and spiritual growth, we are able to deal with loving ourselves and others and to seek new adventures. There are also good adventure.

Sometimes we sacrifice to help us but also to others. That gives it too, just like that and out of love so that we can help other people to a certain insight. The early death of a child z.bsp. So the parents to understand again to love or let go. This is of course very difficult to understand. There are so many issues regarding our karma, life, endless ..

Perhaps you are just curious if they have lived before. What they were then, profession, family, and have lived on the earth where they. It is also possible.

Soul searching, I was ever so with my partner, children, parents or friends together?

How does reincarnation? You will be directed in a certain state of relaxation. The alpha state, between 8 - 12 MHz, it is a state between wakefulness and sleep. You will get access to the subconscious. The subconscious way everything is there all saved what we have ever experienced, now in or past life, but without Sensur and morality, which makes the upper consciousness. The present its assessment of the term fully conscious and subconscious .- Upper and now we act for us in term time as we see fit. To put it simply. Deeper I would not go into now.

So I help them to access the subconscious and make their way into the period of pregnancy and previous lives. Can you think of this?

In return they can speak normally, I, guide and ask them it will all been read on tape. You'll be surprised where the journey goes.

I know this is the March newsletter, the full Moon I saw was in the sky January 19th at 5:20 PM, on February 24th the moon is still there.

Picture by David Wasley

So much has happened since then. Almost like the world has rearranged itself.

We are in a deep freeze all across the land.

Tempers are flaring hot all across this land.

We need to examine our present circumstances FACTUALLY, not emotionally across all the land.

We need to show compassion and deal with each other in a loving way, all across the land.

Many people died in February 2011 trying to be right. The word might even be free.

Understand each other the non- google- way

When Egypt finally settled down the friend I was talking to when the internet went down, described it best: Friendship is like peeing on yourself. Everyone can see it, only you can feel the warmth going down your leg.

Love and Light