Lilian's November 2011 Newsletter

October was a bloody month. I don't mean “BLOODY” in the British or Australian sense of the word. I mean bloody. Assassinations and killings...some cheered, some ignored it and some of us were rather disturbed. Demonstrations world wide and total despair for many.

Here is a post I wrote on my facebook: Mustelier
In order to write newsletters one of the things I do to prepare is watch news feeds from ALL networks, so I can understand everyone's opinion. FOX NEWS has AGAIN shown me how UNFAIR their reporting is. Announcing the END of a war is Great News for so many people, yet, FOX turned it into a story of defeat, which is so sad. We truly live in a dual reality here...what is wrong with people. In the real world The War in Iraq is OVER!!!!!!
What hateful people! I am really going to change the channel, in fact, I am going back to bed

Police has taken : “I am just doing my job” to a new high. In one week alone 8 “Criminals” or “Suspects” were shot and killed in Western Washington. The officers are on administrative leave and I am surprised there are any officers left to monitor the “OCCUPYING” forces, which have sprung up in almost all towns around the state and major cities in the country.

I suppose I should describe my regular day to you...briefly...
I have terrible pain in my left arm and have learned how to maneuver it without causing unnecessary movement. Once a week I leave my home, run errands and stop at TCTV. Starting about 9 PM I start working on my shows, write newsletters when need be and answer phone calls till midnight. I associate a bit on Facebook with the friends in Europe, Australia, Africa and the Middle East and post interesting things, which occurred during the day. A friend in Australia uses what I post and works his talk show around the subjects. As you can see everyone is informed.

About 5 AM I start my ...I am going to bed now... take something for pain and do the up and down dance with sleep... my arm will not let me rest. Between 8 AM and 9 AM I am so worn out from up and down my body gives up and I sleep. About 10 AM I waken, take my heart pill with a spoon of NUTELLA and go back to bed, at which time I appear to leave the planet and go somewhere. About 5- or 6 PM I open my eyes, make my first pot of coffee and that is my current schedule....

The day it was announced the war ended, it was also the day when finally a 50-foot dead fir tree right behind my house, along with 7 others within a half a block away from my house, were cut down.
I did NOT hear any of the commotion, the saws, the voices, the trees fall, I did not even feel the vibration of the Earth as these giants laid down. Again I must have went “SOMEWHERE,” I suppose it is the place we refer to as the Matrix and/or the Astral Plane.

Over the past year I have noticed that sometimes I sit and rethink something I experienced or accomplish for the day, only to realize what I am remembering, did not happen in my Wake Time. Yet, it seems very real. As soon as my conscious realizes it did not happen in this reality, I forget and go back to what ever I am doing. This strange phenomenon has increased since I have reversed my sleep time.

In 1994 my very first article ever published appeared in a little local paper. It is entitled “Feeling Earthquaky”. When I opened the paper it read “Feeling Earthquacky” I was upset. A typo you suppose? In hindsight you decide. Here you are, feeling earthquacky.
Earthquacky In the early 1980’s I was sick, a lot. Going to the doctor three to four times a week was normal. Only one problem……my symptoms did not go with my illness. As a last resort I was sent to Seattle to what was then called the New Life Foundation. When I arrived I was interviewed by a MD, a Psychiatrist, a gentleman from Seismology from the University of Washington, a Minister and a Psychic. Wow! I thought at the time. I think I am really nuts. As it turned out it was determined that I was one of many people that was physically affected by earth movements.
After four months of close monitoring I was enrolled in a program which had been set up and government funded. We were given a chart to fill out on a daily basis and given a phone number to call whenever we felt ill. On the chart it listed symptoms such as palpitating heart, aches in joints, loss of libido, loss of equilibrium/balance, hot flashes (male and female) and headaches, kidney pain, depression, aggression, and a list of our own. We had to rate these daily forms from one to ten with five being normal. If we had an 8 or 9 and more than 3 symptoms we would call a phone number we had been given to get information on what was going on in the world. Like earthquakes, volcanoes, High Tides, and or eclipses. As time went on I realized I wasn’t nuts at all. I learned, before the government....President Reagan.... discontinued the program, that what was happening to me and so many others really had a logical explanation.
Having made a living in many ways over the years, this was during my period when I painted abstracts under the name of CANYA. I was asked to bring some of my paintings with me to one of my Test periods at New Life Foundation. I did. I was asked if I had ever heard of the book Thought Forms. I had not. What was so interesting was that 4 of my paintings were shapes. I had to explain what I was thinking when I created these pictures. I did. When the paintings were compared to photos in the book Thought Forms, they were identical. It was at that time I realized that we create what we think.
Imagine..... many people thinking the same thing at the same time strengthening this. I think that would come under mass-consciousness.
Imagine....when a person always things negative things, it is such one projects. When millions of people believe and pray for or invite a certain event into their reality, it is only logically the EVENT and OUTCOME will more likely than not take place.
Imagine... you in the front row of a small crowd. You yell at people to look up, because you see something. Others follow your line of sight and start to see things. Maybe not the same...since they don't know what it is you are looking at, but as soon as you tell what it is several people will proclaim to see it also. More likely than not eventually they all see what it is you told them it was, you are the only person, who knows it is power of suggestion and there is NOTHING there. You have transfered your Thought-Form.
Several years later the late Dr. Lee Lorenzen...a long time sponsor of my TV Show... was able to create Clustered Water. The water was programmed with thought and it took on definite shapes. He was able to take pictures of the changes in his healing water, compared to non programmed water. I must point out that it shows positive and NEGATIVE thoughts. Happiness, anger, disgust, feeling of get the picture.
Music is created from thought forms. It is said by some, classical music is the voice of angles. Since there are only 8 notes, it is not surprising most music created in the past few hundred years have roots in the classics. Prince, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and others have discussed the subject.

I saw a commercial about a contraption used for dogs, which have anxiety problems. Suffer from nervous disorder and are unruly when sensitive to sound and commotion going on around them. It is called a ThundershirtTM. I was denied request to use a picture from their website, so I am improvising with a family dog, is the closest I can get to give you a visual. Thundershirt is a coat-like garment you put on your dog. Instantly the dog feels safe, comforted and confined. It calms the behaviour.

On real time, Steve Jobs died...when you review October's Newsletter it becomes apparent it deals with Mr. Potato Head, Toy Story all things connected to Mr Jobs. The Author of his, Mr. Jobs, book stated he, Mr. Jobs, had coined the term : Reality Distortion Field. He also said that Mr. Jobs had a magical way of changing time, in as much as when he wanted a 4-month project done in 4 weeks, over the objections of his workers, he would maneuver time and the project was completed in the time he, Mr. Jobs, indicated. At least that is the way I understood the explanation.

On the news they showed a bar code on the upper left side of the screen. It was suggested to run your cellphone over it and it gives you an app which guides you around the dilemma facing 110,000 drivers having to reroute their daily commute, since FINALLY, the Viaduct in Seattle was torn down to be replaced. The Viaduct was a rather dangerous piece of Highway 99 since the damage it sustained in the 2001, 6.8 Nisqually Earthquake.
The loss of Mr, Jobs will have long term effects on our lives.

The Series Ancient Aliens suggested that, according to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, technology was present on this planet many thousands of years ago.
If, for arguments sake, this is true... by Thought Forms and Reality Distortion Fields...some may be able to go back in time to retrieve the knowledge....there might be hope for the human race and our wonderful planet.

Al Bielek, one of the survivors of the Philadelphia Experiment, died, in October, at the age of 84 in Mexico.
Al was a good friend and one of the only people on the Planet I was able to turn to when I had challenges with time discrepancies. I wish people had treated him better in his life time, I am sure now everyone is ready to jump on his bandwagon AGAIN, trying to capitalize on his knowledge. Especially the self proclaimed debunkers, which so terribly discredited this great man. We thank his wonderful niece for the love and care she showed him. He will truly be missed.

Our Democracy looked a bit like a Revolution in some of the cities. Thundershirt for dogs cures anxiety, barking and tearing up stuff.
I am getting one. $39.99 plus shipping and handling. Providing they make them for people.

Love and Light
PS for free download the entire book: Thought Forms, published in the early 1900's

Julian Beever is an English chalk artist who has been creating chalk drawings on pavement since the mid-1990s that create the illusion of three dimensions when viewed from the right location. These trompe-l'oeil drawings are created using a projection called anamorphosis and appear to defy the laws of perspective.