Lilian's January 2012 Newsletter

Last night the sky fell in love with the Moon. Clouds began to form with big red hearts in their center. Then it rained blood upon the tent cities. That was a post on Robert's, one of our producers at TCTV, FaceBook.

I had stayed up to watch and film the Eclipse. Not my first one, but the only one, which turned the Moon red. When the time finally arrived, the Moon was behind my house. It was bitter cold and my wheelchair ramp was solid ice. I was unable to come out of my house and regretfully was unable to see it. Even at that, I wanted to connect with the event, so I "TUNED INTO" the event. Clairvoyants are able to do that, since we us all senses to connect to people, places and things, including emotions and energy fields. Having said that, I imagined I was the Planet and glided by the Moon, becoming an observer, if you will. It was a weightless, yet powerful feeling gliding through space, what a peaceful feeling, yet, it had a certain anxiety attached to it. Like an expectation of things to come. I guess that sounds like an oxymoron and in a way it was, to the point, I can call it up in my memory, as if I was reliving the event.


The experience impacted me quiet a lot, so the next afternoon, as I recalled the eclipse, I remembered something I had experienced on my trip, which was the setting for my book: And the Moral of the story is.... One Person at a Time.

I dug up the book and took another look at it, comparing the similarities in the feeling of the experience of my connecting with the Moon the night before.

This took place at Flying J in Amarillo, TX, while waiting for a woman driving in from Lubbock, TX to meet me. It was daylight, I was wide awake and may I add, I am DRUG FREE.

Let me share an insert with you:

The next morning I sat at my table relaxing before I undertook that long drive to NEW MEXICO. Had a vision. Like I was looking down on the Earth. It started to turn so fast, it reminded me of a spin top. Could see a volcano right on the middle, was so big, almost covered the entire globe. It spun faster and faster and just ..zapp.. disappeared. Like some of them Orbships I had encountered. Had felt so real and powerful. I lit a cigarette to ground myself. The lighter did not work. Looked to see if I could determine what was the matter with the lighter and I noticed that where the fluid usually is, it was filled with sand or ash of some kind. Turned the lighter over and shook it. The sand fell out, a little pile of it, but far too much to have been able to fit into the lighter. The fluid was still in it and as soon as I had poured out the sand, it did light my cigarette. Almost like I had brought back evidence from my vision. Saved it, but somehow misplaced it, almost like I was not to share it or have it analyzed like I had planned. Thought about a friend in Olympia all of a sudden. Called her to see how she was. Told me her daughter had given birth to a little girl. Same day I had entered the Crop Circles in Collinsville,Illinois.

I guess over the past week I wondered if there could be any physical evidence of something having happened during the time of the eclipse. I do know that due to the size of the Universe, things don't happen on a dime, so when today, December 28th 2011, I got a phone call from from my friend Bill Ramsey telling me there was a major event, I kind of figured that is what I was looking for. (Bill Ramsey monitors sounds and discrepancies in space)
12. 28. 2011 at 7:55 AM Mountain time, a 2 hours quiet period occurred on his instruments. This happened once before in 2000 and was a rotation adjustment and simultaneous time shift. Bill suggested we should trust our memories about the year 2000.

In 2003 I was fortunate and spend time with a Russian Scientist, Valery Uverov. He gave a lecture about the parallel planet, which is in the same orbit with Earth and what happens to us, also happens there. Unfortunately very little is said in public about such a planet. When the Chile Earthquake moved Earth of it's axis it would have effected the planet opposite from us. Could it be that we had a readjustment this morning, like we did in 2000 when the sun set twice? All I know something has changed.

Birds mistook a Walmart parking lot for a lake, landed and died on impact.

2011 was a turbulent year, yet, we got through it, like we always do and it had some good moments as well. It is easy to look back on the year and then comes the time when we look ahead. Granted, sometimes we have no Idea what we are looking at and it plays out in ways we could not even imagine. When we look at the year ahead we "trouble shoot" and look for potential events, which can be changed, if the proper adjustments are made.

2012 looks a lot like 2011.

1. Distraction, disquiet, immobility, putting down roots and settling down,that which does not mutate.

2. Disloyalty, weakness of purpose, disagreement, lack of communication, hotheadedness, and a certain degree of violence. Be suspicious and pay attention to your environment. Restate facts that seem ambiguous, demagogic acts and gestures. Swan death song. Guttural noises sound will be heard afterwards. One will join its partner.

3. Capricorn representing prestige, power, social standing, honor, glory and fame. Excessive ambition, loss of an inheritance, or everything saved all that you have, disrespect of elders and the wisdom of all times.

4. Time for harvesting and checking what you have sown. A person that does not speculate, but who shares and expects the same from his own group.

5. Triumphant victory, but maximum pleasure in realizing that you were able to defeat the difficulties, either with or without the help of others. Material or energetic forces on any level of interpretation. You have resorted to integrity as a thinking and rational being. As a result, your plans come true. All this may not be heard at the beginning, but not unpleasant.

6. Your extreme severity can estrange you from the reality which surrounds you. You are liable to fall into excessive ambition, or on the other hand, squander excessive spending, trusting you will always succeed materially. It is difficult to keep balance while on the top. You can be surprised and fall as quickly as you rose to the top. You have not learned the lesson of Saturn, the severe, but fair judge. Everything at the right time and right proportions.

7. Intelligence exercises supremacy over brutality, conquers enemies. You will bring anything you have started to a conclusion. Not even the smallest detail will be omitted. Activities and business related to metal and trains. Problems with security forces due to bad performance.

8. Time of desperation is gone, but wounds will not be easily overcome. Tears will come again because of painful memories. Healing will be slow and difficult because your heart will have been torn out of your body.

9. Religious imbalance, false expectations, lost love with difficulty, doubts about true feeling, displeasures become somatic in the digestive area - gut.

10. Tentacles - Losing strength, lack of security measures against outside dangers. Your defenses are weak. Your actions do not coincide with your feelings or what which is proper. Impossible exchanges. It will be hard to break the ice, different language uses, political ideas and so on.

11. Cyclones, hurricanes, lighting from the sky. Challenging, qualified for research or at least start researching activities. Governing the nervous system, nerve ending, and also thinking. Electricity, and all related items such as conductors, power plants, filaments, and cables. Helmholz study of nerve ending farthest from the muscle responds in a delay...Mammals fastest response of all animals. 362 km/hour...3+6+2 =11 the master builder.
* I think this is the only thing I recognized so far, it has to do with Newt Gingrich possibly becoming forerunner in the Presidential race. He was the main supporter of Project HAARP, which we now know got a little away from the original put it mildly. It has to do with his proposals connected with the Magnetic field and the shock that he, Gingrich has re-surfaced.

12. Your means have neither been correct nor suitable. Therefore, you will soon fail. 1,000 obstacles will get in the way. Bringing you discredit and weaken your spirit. Try to reconsider as you will not always be able to get away from tests, even if you could the balance would be negative. Examinations and tests of any nature that you will fail or avoid resulting in countless excuses.

13. Peaceful and harmonic times. Balance between censors and extrasensory, between physical and material things, ethereal or spiritual matter. Address the heart chakra.

Suppose time did get reset today. I think it looks something like this:

Sometimes it takes a long time for things to unfold to the extent we really understand what it means. Having very little memory of my childhood, occasionally something bleeds through, it becomes very clear for a moment and disappears into the back of the part of the brain, which stores such things. In one of those "remember moments" I had a very clear flash of my first day in school. The teacher intended us to get excited and show us what we are capable of achieving. She showed us how to make an f. She explained it was a cane with a handle across. We all made an f. Because of FB I have reconnected with some of the class mates. Surprisingly most of the kids in that class are suffering from debilitating back problems, almost all walk with a cane.

In 2000 I interviewed a hand writing expert for my show. Kitty Madie. She said that we can send signals to our subconscious, which lay the foundation of our actions. All we need to do is change the way we write. I always made my f like a cane and have had the need to use such aid ...on occasion.... since the age of 27. As it turned out most of my 2011 was spend confined to my house and I wondered if some of it was self imposed.

Here is a letter I received last week. I was granted permission to share it with you.


This morning I am repacking the books into better boxes she brought. I found both copies of Moral of the Story book I have. One of them you sent me, and one of them I found on Ebay a long time ago. I have been going to send you the extra one for at least 4 years, but never got it done. I decided to send you the one that was the best copy since they have both been moved so many times and endured varying conditions wherever I lived. I picked one and set it aside. Then I decided to clean both covers of the books. I knew one of the books had your autograph and a brief message in it. I opened the first one and it had that message and your signature. After I cleaned the cover I started on the second one. After I cleaned it the book automatically turned the cover back. It just flipped open. I never open a book that way. With your book I just open it and begin reading wherever I happen to land. But today it opened to the inside cover. And there was a personal message you had written me that I had completely forgotten about. It said: "To Kathy, Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life" and signed your name.

I sat there a minute and the story of the bottom apartment across from you opening up came back to me, and the hair brushes, and how the money all came together after years of struggle just not quite two weeks ago, and some other things. I turned to the end of the book and read the last two pages about the Hopi appearing to you and telling you to put Sunflowers on the Table, and the 20 year old map on the table that had guided your trip, how the people in Greenville had written you that they had seen you and were you close because they missed you, and the Meteorite from the couple.

Lilian, it's was 2004 when we talked about the apartment across from you. I remember how disappointed I was when someone rented it. That was more than 7 years ago. So many "life miles" in between then and now.

So I began re reading the book from the very front of the book, including the reviews you received from several people. Lisa's caught my attention and held it for a long time. "A journey through life's mysteries and madness. This autobiography of a woman's personal/spiritual development teaches us to trust the Universe's subtle messages and synchronicities. As she explores this and other realities, it becomes clear that our world is not what it appears to be."

Thank you again for sending this book almost 8 years ago now. I have read and re read it in bits and pieces. But today I think it's time to relive that book from start to finish in the order you wrote it.

I will get the other copy mailed to you this week, providing it does not snow a big snow.


I went to the Chiropractor for 30 years, many of them to the same Doctor. He used to wonder what I had done to get so twisted and maneuvered myself into an impossible situation, AGAIN. He adjusted me and when I cry out in pain he'd say: "Say thank you, Dr Gould, it will be so much better when it quits hurting." And NO, your world will NOT come to an end! I thought about my bone-crunching treatments often these past few months. We, as a people, are a bit twisted and require a visit to the Chiropractor. Did I tell you, Dr. Gould would often end the visit with: And Lilian, I am so glad you are a Masochist.

Love and Light

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