by “popular demand

Left Front: BUG..... Back right: STICK

“What are all those little black round objects on the floor of my house? Wait.... they are on my pussy-willow branches and the blackberry leaves?”

“Eggs, eggs, lots of eggs.”

“You need to get rid of that mess!”

“Mess. They are not MESS. In fact I have the right to make my own decisions about my Mess.

I have rights!”

“What do you want with rights, you are a BUG for crying out loud.”

“I don't care. You are NOT informed. There are states within the United States, which are forcing Vagina Probes on Females which are trying to get rid of their...what did you call it... Don;t say it!”

“You are a BUG!”

“In a country named China there is a limit on offspring, one per family, That is a Human rights violation.”

“You are a BUG!

I guess the cat has rights too, she thinks it's OK to keep turning our new house upside down, trying to get rid off your mess. Every night and as soon as Lilian leaves she is looking through the sidewalls, moving her sharp claws in a very threatening manner. Like hooks, trying to get me. It is so disturbing and loud Lilian's house guest told her we were singing to him. I was hollering for help! That cat is everywhere! I wasn't singing....

“I don't care, you will not be my Healthcare dictator!”

“You are a BUG!”

“I know what I am so what does that make you? A dumb STICK, you are totally uneducated and misinformed.”

“So educate me! Tell me what I don't know and just to warn you. I am NOT forgetting about the mess everywhere and you will NOT get me sidetracked. I do NOT like your posture,so please sit on your own branch. Educate me. You have 10 minutes, a long time in a Stickbugs life.”


A continuous, measurable quantity in which events occur in a sequence proceeding from the past through the present to the future. See Note at space-time.

    An interval separating two points of this quantity; a duration.

    A system or reference frame in which such intervals are measured or such quantities are calculated.

Definition of Change

To alter; to make different; to cause to pass from one state to another; as, to change the position, character, or appearance of a thing; to change the countenance.

To alter by substituting something else for, or by giving up for something else; as, to change the clothes; to change one's occupation; to change one's intention.

To give and take reciprocally; to exchange; -- followed by with; as, to change place, or hats, or money. Specifically: To give, or receive, smaller denominations of money (technically called change) for; as, to change a gold coin or a bank bill.

To pass from one phase to another; as, the moon changes tomorrow night.

Any variation or alteration; a passing from one state or form to another; as, a change of countenance; a change of habits or principles.

A succession or substitution of one thing in the place of another; a difference; novelty; variety; as, a change of seasons.

A passing from one phase to another; as, a change of the moon.

Alteration in the order of a series; permutation.

That which makes a variety, or may be substituted for another.

Small money; the money by means of which the larger coins and bank bills are made available in small dealings; hence, the balance returned when payment is tendered by a coin or note exceeding the sum due.

A place where merchants and others meet to transact business; a building appropriated for mercantile transactions.

A public house; an alehouse.

Any order in which a number of bells are struck, other than that of the diatonic scale.

“What does that have to do with me?”

“Nothing, just wanted to explain Change to you, MR STICK. You said I had 10 minutes.

A person asked Lilian for a diploma, because he said he had learned so much from her newsletters and posts. The more we show how things arrive at where they do, there is at least 1 man, a Republican, who is rethinking his position and wants a diploma. He was serious, not a sarcastic bone in his body, she has known him for 46 years”.

“ You don't say!”

Lina Beckford wrote a post on Lilian's FB Timeline

BTW had a dream last night and you were in it. I was wearing a watch which I did not own, but I loved the watch a lot and decided that I would buy one. I went to a place that was like a farmer's market to buy the watch. When I got there I had a hard time finding the vendor who was selling the watch. I looked and looked and then you came out of a stall with the watch and I put it on and was really happy. I went to pay you and you refused my payment and told me it was a gift. Maybe the meaning is that time is a gift. Thanks for being in my dream.

A second time related incident, this one per phone she, Lilian, was involved in on the same day was a man.... I am assuming from the voice on the phone.... was complaining that the new very expensive Seiko watch he received for his birthday had stopped running. Lilian asked him to describe the watch. On the face of the watch it said SOLAR and Lilian asked him if he had worn the watch in daylight at all, no, so there was no light and it is SOLAR...HELLOOO. Not sure what to make of the answer, he took it to a watchmaker, which told him SOLAR means SUN and the watch needs sunlight to rewind itself.”

“ What does that have to do with me?”

“ Nothing, just wanted to see if you are paying attention.
Lilian had a vivid dream, I heard her tell someone.
She had house full of people, water everywhere, water was coming through the walls. Her Ex was with a new woman.

Outside was different, some things gone, it looked empty.  Most people were dressed the same and wanted to crash the outing dance party.
She gave him, Her EX. a hug and cried.

“BUG, you are telling me this because”........

“Because I want to.”

Facebook's Timeline oh, how we all fought and before it was said and done it happened anyway. Just like in real life, there was plenty of notice. People fussed about it, the ones, which decided the new idea stank to high heavens were like a little puppy dog being pulled by a leash. No matter how they resisted their little hind-side just kept sliding towards the door.

Timeline was implemented and the choices were to go out of that door by force or just deal with it. In fact, as it turned out, Timeline is actually rather nice. Once you get aquinted with it it is easy to maneuver, still, some of the people still hate it! Lilian told several friends she thought the only sure thing in the Universe is CHANGE and OK, in a perverse way had to agree that it should not apply to Facebook. Now that one can see everything side by side, it resembles more her reality, always several things happening at the same time, in parallel timezones.

Trayvon Martin came along and changes some people's reality. Trayvon was a young man walking home from a store with Skittles and Ice-tea. He was confronted and killed by a man for what appeared to be racial profiling. It is an old demon, which raised his head again over the last 3 years and some decided to do something about it through Rallies and mass Media coverage. Some found it surprising or were in denial. Chatter was nonstop on social sites and Lilian posted the following, in answer to a post on her site.

Donna, when you take a look at history, especially in the struggle of the ethnic/racial department, it has ALWAYS taken a tragic event such as this one to make changes. In a way we have to thank the soul of the child to have agreed to throw this ugly monster back into our face so it can be fixed, or at least some can claim to fix it. I MUST believe this child did not die for nothing and we, as a people, will learn something and eventually JUSTICE will be done. As you know I am not at all trusting in Justice, but there are enough people watching now, so that it may work, if only for a moment. The case is unfolding as we speak and much will be said about it in the future.

“ You will be dead by then, you only live a couple of years, talking about dual realities.”

“ I know I will be gone, these things take time, maybe things will change for my “MESS” should I decide what to do about that!. To remind you, we are adaptable and change color with our background, which keeps us safe. Except for you, of course, you are still red on one side and come to think of it,you have become so bold, you forgot how to play dead when in danger. No wonder Cat is trying to do you in!”

“ I really got close to being slapped by cat, Tuesday a week ago, I was trying to climb a bit higher so I could see Lilian's show on the TV behind me. It was an old show from 2000.

She was talking to a Lawyer/Spellchecker/Wheat Farmer named Tom Stahl. They were anilizing the consequences of the Anti Terrorism Bill based on Oklahoma City and Timothy McVeigh. It was long before Sept 11 2001 and I must say.... if you put that in your Timeline...it was if they were discussing everything happening now. They nailed the eventual results of the unreasonable law. And the consequences which followed.

I was so engrossed I almost changed color to some strange color, to the point I might have confused CAT.”

“What was the name of the show? And why do you care what they talked about from ancient times?”

oops and etc.”

“ OOPS and ETC? What does that mean? Is it like let me throw this at you? Watch this STICK! CATCH!

Different is:

Make up

Hair Color

Leg Accessories

Ways to communicate

Ways to read


Maps and GPS

Cars which now all look alike and the fuels with which they travel

Bill paying

The things we eat

The way be build houses

All the things people still use in 2012, except they look all together different now from the year 2000.

“Why are humans so obsessed with time, who cares what you call things if they are essential to their life. Let be explain it to you:

They have discovered when Astronauts come back from space it excellerates their aging process. I am not sure how they will rectify the problem and it proves that Earthtime is not all that important in the big skeam of things.http://www.gafnews.com/content/what-we-learned-accelerated-aging-astronauts

In fact in the 1990's the leaders of all Indigionas Nations went to the United Nations and requested that time would be changed to UNIVERSAL TIME and with that stabelize the Mayan Calender Timeline and save people the stress and money wasting escapades of the fast approaching 2012-End of the World storyline/reality FOR SOME!

Humans are moving at a dangerous speed. In the span of 50 years. Lilian's generation, they have polluted and depleted the Earth. Imagine a moment the internet goes down for five minutes , there is a panic because people have either forgotten or worse, the new generation is unable to function, they do not know how to access their lives in a normal... well ancient to them... way.

Scientists have called for the abolition of the current time standard, where scientists add 'leap seconds' to ensure time on earth matches the nights and days dictated by the sun

Scientists have called for the abolition of the current time standard, where scientists add 'leap seconds' to ensure time on earth matches the nights and days dictated by the sun. The 'extra' seconds could confuse electronics - and lead to aeroplane crashes or stock market disasters, say scientists.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2079363/Why-change-way-measuring-time-leap-seconds-causing-time-director-headache.html#ixzz1pAu8gFao

One person's decision can create a chain reaction.

One Person's untruth or misinformation can change outcomes.

One person's crime can change wars and the process starts again.

One person's madness can change and make a the difference in war.

One person's miscalculations can change movements. Occupiers are mostly gone and new causes have taken it;s place.

The more we speed up our activities, looking at the CHANGES and the TIMELINE it would appear so many things remain the same.

Mothers are terrified of loosing their livelihood and are forced into homelessness. Unemployed, no safety net, since the savings have been depleted there is nowhere to go. Living with relatives is impossible, they are in the same situation. They worked all their lives and everything is gone in an instant.

“Guess we are lucky Bug to have a beautiful house like this, Even so, quit messing up the place, when Lilian comes with that spray bottle everything gets so wet it is liable to create a flash flood.”

“ Yeah, she has been king of bottle crazy last few days, I think she is worried about things.

NIGHTLINE aired an interesting piece of information. It has been established a FEMALE'S orgasm occurs in the brain. All wired up a female was monitored and an MRI recorded the electrical currents in her brain. It looked like a Xmas tree, her brain fired on ALL levels.

“ STICK vacate my berry leave, my 10 minutes are up I hope you are educated. Do not bother my “Mess.” I am watching you, while I hang on this twig and blow my MIND!”

Love and Light

PS. The Movie is 133 minutes, but what an eyeopener!

We are living in exceptional times. Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth's climate.
The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.
For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film.