Bird Flu - A Secret Agenda?

Much is being made about the H5N1 'bird flu' virus that has so far proven to be distinctly non-threatening to humans. The UN has said that as many as 150 million could die from it while the World Health Organization (WHO) puts the estimate at a much more modest 2 to 7 million. A Russian scientist predicted that it could kill a billion people. Swiss and Russian authorities have downplayed the risks, while disinformation media in western countries engages in ever greater scare-mongering.

So far the virus has killed less than 100 people in the last three years but has caused the death of millions of birds. While the mortality rate for the H5N1 strain is greater than other strains, it isn't spreading easily from animal to human or from human to human. Regular flu kills up to 500,000 people each year.

The Wrong Responses
10 million die from smoking each year. Millions more die from preventable heart disease. Millions die from AIDs every year. Most people don't have a great fear of dying from such preventable causes but are becoming terrified of something that is not much of a threat at all.

A patented drug called Tamiflu is being purchased in mass quantities at ever higher prices. Yet, the drug can't prevent the bird flu nor can it cure it. At best it might help slow the spread of the virus inside the body or mask the symptoms.

The US Defense Dept. cites rapid climate change as one of the greatest threats to the US and the world, yet Bush denies that global warming even exists. If the US govt. isn't willing to address real threats one has to wonder why the bird flu is suddenly of such grave concern to them.

Flu Easily Stopped
Influenza (flu) is caused by humans keeping domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys & geese in crowded, unsanitary and stressful conditions. These conditions offer perfect environments for viral disease to spread and mutate. The domesticated animals are bred for their size and quick growth and don't have the natural immunity to disease that wild bird populations have. New influenza strains originate from east Asia because people live in close proximity to the birds in conditions conducive to the spread of new viruses from bird to bird and from bird to pig to human and bird to human.

The quickest and easiest way to stop the flu is for people to simply stop eating birds. If people didn't eat them they wouldn't have to raise them in such conditions and flu wouldn't be a problem. There is no nutritional requirement for humans to eat any animal and so there is no good reason for this permanent solution to not be put into effect. Yet, there is absolutely no talk of such simple, affordable and effective measures. Why?

Why Cause Bird Flu Fear?

Greed - Donald Rumsfeld and other politically well connected people own large amounts of stock in the company that developed Tamiflu and will earn huge profits from the panic.Tamiflu is manufactured primarily by Hoffmann-La Roche, a company with a long a long criminal history. However, Roche is licensed to manufacture the drug by Giliad Sciences, Inc., a California based company that developed the product. Billions will be made from selling Tamiflu, even though it is useless in preventing or curing a disease that does not yet exist.

Control - If you accept that the attacks of 9/11 were done either with the full knowledge or participation of elements within the federal government, as the evidence strongly suggests, then it isn't too much to accept that the same people will either stage biological attacks or a deadly pandemic to further their agenda of establishing a global police state. The terrorist threat has been pretty worn out and a new threat is needed to further the growth of the corporate empire. People who are afraid are easy to control and willing to accept limitations of their liberties.

Consider the facts:

  • Bush has already passed a law giving the govt. the authority to detain and quarantine anyone it suspects of having even common flu.
  • Bush claims that he will use the military to enforce quarantines of even whole towns.
  • US scientists have recreated the flu that killed 50 million people in 1918 "to learn how such viruses" work. The virus is stored in a less secure lower level containment area.
  • The US govt. has repeatedly lied about terrorists planning on launching a biological attack on the US to justify the suspension of freedoms.

If enough fear of bird flu is created then most American's won't complain so loudly when their neighbors, friends or family members suspected of having the flu are rounded up and taken to camps for people who might resist further erosion of their freedom. Bush has been following Hitler's road map to fascism and one of the next steps is to remove undesirables from the general population to prevent them from encouraging others to resist.

Another Possibility
If one looks carefully there is evidence of germ warfare being waged against humans throughout recorded history. The bible describes YHWH (God) inflicting bubonic plague on disobedient humans. In the dark ages the plagues were preceded by "lights in the sky" and men in black suits with scythes emitting a foul fog.

In 1987 one of our friends experienced some missing time while traveling in New Mexico and awoke to find a new scar on his leg. When he touched the scar it was sore underneath and he got flashes of memories about the experience. Sensing how important the experience was he wanted to be certain that his memories were accurate and so tasked two different professional remote viewers on the cause of the scar. The sessions were done double-blind and each viewer had no knowledge of the other being tasked and no knowledge of what the target was. Each viewer got only a random number which corresponded to an envelope in which was written "describe the cause of the scar....". The person who gave the number to the viewers had no knowledge of the contents of the envelope, nor did the person who assigned the number to the envelopes. The data from both viewers matched our friend's conscious memories of the event. What he experienced may shed some light on current events.

"I was abducted by alien-looking creatures and taken to an underground facility where my bone marrow was extracted and anti-bodies filtered out. A fresh virus was put into the marrow and it was put back into my bone. The extracted anti-bodies were put in a large heated vat in a room with other vats where the aliens wore biological suits to prevent contamination. I was generally treated well and there wasn't too much pain. I got the sense that I had somehow volunteered for the operation. I was also given the impression that the anti-bodies were being used to inoculate certain individuals that were to be spared from a coming virus that would depopulate much of the human population. The killer virus would be spread through vaccines and the microwave networks used for cell phones and wireless Internet."

While this might sound pretty crazy, further consideration of the facts might make it seem a little less crazy.

Viral Transmission
In the 1970's Russian scientists discovered that viruses are electromagnetic in nature and can travel through conductive material. This might explain how some viral infections seem to happen without direct contact to the virus.

The late scientist Jacques Benveniste discovered that he could record the electromagnetic signature of a drug, transmit it by Email and have someone play the signature through a speaker into water and the water would take on the characteristics of the drug. Since humans are mostly water, would transmitting the electromagnetic signature of a virus through a microwave signal into the human body cause an infection of the virus?

Deliberate Contamination
AIDS and other diseases have been deliberately spread through the blood supply. The Canadian Red Cross plead guilty to doing so in a criminal case. In other countries they were also charged with knowingly distributing contaminated blood. Documents revealed that the Red Cross knowingly and deliberately spread deadly disease and nothing has really changed to prevent the same thing from happening again.

In the mid 90's one of our friends was living in New Mexico with her family. Her Father is former military intelligence and one night they got a call late at night from the military. The family was told that there would be a deadly virus outbreak in the area soon and that they should move immediately. They packed up and left the next day. A few days later the first case of the deadly Hanta virus was discovered. Hanta virus is lethal in 50% of the cases and has spread throughout North America. There is no reason to think that the same type of deliberate spreading of disease won't happen again.

H5N1 flu virus does not easily spread to humans and will have to mutate before it does, yet, tens of millions of doses of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu are being prepared even though it isn't known if it will be effective. The mutation could include any kind of new structure and without knowing if or how it will mutate it is very difficult to create a vaccine for it so Tamiflu is being pushed - even though it can't prevent or cure the disease. There have been other more deadly viruses emerge, such as the Ebola, Hanta and West Nile and the same type of mass alarm was not spread about them. The electromagnetic signature of a deadly virus could be encoded into the Tamilflu and it would be completely undetectable. Could it be that Tamiflu will be for spreading a virus rather than combating one?

In October, 2005, employees of Exxon-Mobil were given flu shots that contained only water. Could this have been a trial run?

Why do it?
The amount of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere is higher than it has been in 50 million years. The current rate of species extinction is the fastest in the planet's history. At the current rate of deforestation rain forests - the lungs and nursery of the planet, will be completely gone in less than 100 years. Each year 78 million acres (31 million hectares) of trees are hacked down. The poles and glaciers are melting rapidly, ocean temperatures and levels are rising, coral reefs are dying.

To put it simply, humans are destroying the planet and its ability to support life at an ever increasing rate and little or nothing seems to be able to stop it. This is a cold hard fact and no amount of skeptical reasoning or disbelief can change it. If humans can't be fixed they must be stopped and the most efficient way to rapidly reduce the human population would be through a deadly virus.

Who would do it?
It is a fact that Earth has long been inhabited or visited by species much more advanced than humans. UFOs are not just stories, weather balloons, swamp gas or the planet Venus, they are real and there is more than enough evidence to prove that they are not human made. There is trace evidence, thousands of photos, hours of clear video footage and tens of thousands of credible eye witnesses. Throughout human history there have been sightings of unidentified aerial craft and interactions with intelligent non-humans.

Contrary to mass media, most leading scientists accept the existence of aliens on Earth. Former NSA and military scientist Hal Puthoff has even studied the possible propulsion systems of UFOs and done presentations about his research at scientific conferences. A former Canadian Defense Minister calls the UFO coverup one of the greatest conspiracies ever committed.

Where 'they' come from has yet to be proven. They could be interdimensional, from inner Earth, from other planets, from our own future or distant past, or perhaps they have just been here all along. Evidence suggests that there is more than one group clandestinely interacting with humans. Some claim that there are as many as 50 groups. However, some groups are very good at lying and concealing their true identity.

Their technology is much more advanced than human technology. Life sustaining planets are rare. One can only imagine that most intelligent beings would want to preserve the ability of Earth to support life and wouldn't allow the human species to destroy it. Some have abducted humans for the purpose of encouraging them to save the planet.

If the humans in power really wanted to care for the Earth they would support solutions and encourage a sustainable population. The opposite is true. International organizations such as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund create the conditions for overpopulation and environment destruction. The Bush administration has cut all funding for effective family planning and has bribed some third world countries to not distribute condoms they already have. The Vatican claims that condoms don't do anything to prevent AIDs. If there is a conspiracy to depopulate the Earth through a killer virus it may not be humans that are the core of the conspiracy, however, the ruling elite would certainly participate given their evil actions.

If one digs deep enough there is clear evidence of alien involvement in the secret government and military. Their intentions are not to encourage human evolution or sustainability. They have not made clean energy technology available to us, nor have they helped us to evolve in other ways. The opposite seems to be true. There are deep and powerful conspiracies to prevent clean energy, to prevent good government and to keep us dumbed down and unhealthy. Most of us are trapped in a destructive system with no way out. This darker alien force seems to be deeply and thoroughly entrenched and well beyond the reach of humans.

The more benevolent aliens either do not want to get involved, are not allowed to, or simply don't have to power to change things. Perhaps they have observed that if there wasn't some dark conspiracy keeping humans down, we would create one on our own.

The human problem must be solved. Either our numbers have to be drastically reduced and/or the dark forces which prevent us from evolving must be removed. Reducing the human population seems to be the more likely scenario. The questions are when, how and by whom.

If you would like to not be depopulated there are some things that you can do. For more information read "Surviving the Future" at