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OMG - What was I thinking - I have been reclasted!

Lilian's adventures with the hideous drug known as "Reclast".

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For those of us, which have chosen to stay in the public eye, whether on TV or in print, find ourselves in a strange space at the moment.

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Canary 6.8

Canaries are birds that in the olden days were use to monitor the toxins in the mines and warn the miners of approaching dangers.)

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I hear Hoofs...Who Goes There?

We live in a world of texting and abbreviations, second nature to some and hard to comprehend for others.

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Daring Rescue of Whale off Farallones

Humpback nuzzled her saviors in thanks after they untangled her from crab lines, diver says

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Is Fishing Cruel?

In most countries 'fishing' is considered to be a 'good sport' for adults as well as children.

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National UFO Reporting Center Covering up Real Sightings?

It seems many people are catching pictures of UFOs in Trout Lake, Washington.

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The Hidden Truth About UFOs 1

After 30 years of seeking the truth about UFOs and aliens I have learned the following and would like to share it with others so they don't have to pay the high price I have paid for my journey of discovery.

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The Hidden Truth About UFOs 2

Fear is the most powerful form of mass persuasion and fear of aliens has been carefully cultivated in popular media for more than 100 years

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Boomers and Trumpers


Cry More P Less


Leave the Thinking to the Horses


Nuff Said


So What Am I Still Doing Here?


All I Can Do Is P


2 Ps Are Better Than 1


The Big P


Remembering Your Future


Moral of the Story (First Book)



Lillian is intelligent, kind and very psychic. She is a seeker of truth. What does that mean? Well, not the truth the New-Agers are seeking, not the truth Christians are seeking, but a deeper truth a truth that rushes past all others - the meaning of why we are here. I have nothing against anyone's truth, if it works for you and makes you happy, then it is a wonderful truth, for there is very little happiness in this world. Allow yourself to enter into Lillian's truth for a while, come into the real picture of our world. Many people have learned first-hand that things are different with Lillian. Time is different, people are different, animals are different. I am very honored to know her, her gifts are many and very unique, she will hold you spellbound, with things she tells you. I know these things are true. I know Lillian. She is the Person of High Strangeness.

Rev. Barbara McGuire

Lilian's life has forced her to cut through the crap and deal with the underlying reality of life. She has grown well beyond the illusions and games that most people are mired in. As an intuitive she has no personal agendas to cloud her perceptions. As a true child of the Universe, she is plugged in more directly to the truth than anyone I have ever met. Unlike other 'psychics', Lilians information does not come from entities.

Bill Phillips

Questions & Feedback

Q: Am I getting the wrong impression or do have something against Republicans? To be balanced, I suggest showing both sides of the picture. There are some scary truths about Bill Clinton & John Kerry. Not to mention certain scandals that involve both Republicans and Democrats.

A: We don't have anything against one political party or another. We do have issues with the subversion of the constitution and the erosion of freedom by the ruling elite who are the puppet-masters of both political parties. You are right about democrats, they are just as scary as republicans and most politicians are corrupt and self-serving. We will try to post more of the democrat's crimes and misdeeds.

Additional Commentary: Don't you think that the whole game of democrat vs republican, right vs left is obsolete and that we need to move beyond the delusion of "vote your conscience" and address the real issue of who really runs America? While we kept waiting to democratically get rid of one puppet to replace him with another our country was gradually stolen from us. We now live in an Orwellian corporate dictatorship. A handful of the very rich and powerful tell us what to think, how to feel and who to 'vote' for. With our tax dollars they have not only enslaved us in our country, they are out to control the entire planet. - webmaster

Q: It was sad to hear that Dr. John Mack died soon after he became involved with the poor and the voting for Kerry. Wonder who is behind this? I think it is very obvious don't you? Never-the-less it was meant to be or it would never have happened but why the martyr?

A: Dr. Mack's passing is indeed a sad event and the circumstances of his death are very suspicious. Our information indicates that it was not accidental, but, that he was ready to go and agreed to depart. Lately we are losing a lot of our leading thinkers and will be expanding our efforts to record their wisdom and make it freely available to all.

Nutcase Corner

Strange but possibly true stuff from even stranger people.

Al Gore Avoids Inconvenient Truths

Al Gore's documentary on global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth” is a great film that should be seen by everyone on the planet.

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Are Activists Being Attacked With Electronic Weapons?

Many of our friends who are more intuitive and active in trying to make the world a better place have been experiencing nearly identical symptoms of unexplained origin.

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Cell Phone Genocide

Native people in the US and other countries are being targeted by microwave radiation that damages their DNA and which contain mind control signals to induce anxiety, aggression and suicide.

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Mysterious ‘Ritual’ Performed By United States Military Forces

Russian Intelligence Analysts are reporting today on a bizarre religious ritual being preformed by elements of the United States Military, including some of their top leaders, in the closed Military Zone of the ancient city of Babylon in the Iraqi War Zone.

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Ronald Reagan Guilty of Treason & War Crimes

As the mass media engaged in an orgy of adulation for Ronald Reagan in June of 2004, many thinking persons were remembering and mourning the deaths of the hundreds of thousands of victims of Ronald Reagan's policies and pondering the lasting damage that the man did not only to the United States but to the world.

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