Cell Phone Genocide

Native people in the US and other countries are being targeted by microwave radiation that damages their DNA and which contain mind control signals to induce anxiety, aggression and suicide.

While being denied clean water and decent housing, most native reservations in the US are blanketed by cell phone and microwave Internet towers. Natives are given access to cell phones at extremely low prices to ensure that everyone has one.


Over a thousand independent scientific studies have proven without any doubt that the microwave radiation from cell phones, wifi, cordless phones and other microwave emitting devices causes permanent DNA damage, sterility, cancer and a wide range of other problems.

On its own, exposure to microwave radiation alters brain chemistry and can cause uncontrollable rage, depression, memory loss, anxiety and other problems.

It has also been widely known that microwaves are a powerful tool for mind control. Using microwaves as carrier signal it is possible to induce specific thoughts, sounds, tastes and feelings in a person.

Dr. Ross Adey, a professor of neurology at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, studied the health effects of electromagnetic fields for more than 30 years. Dr. Adey found that using low levels of modulated microwave it is possible to control almost every aspect of human behaviour.

In a the October 2000 issue of Fortune magazine, Adey warned strongly against the widespread use of microwave technology.

A study from Brooks Air Force Base published in 1999 showed that ultrawide-band pulses can alter brain chemistry and change behavior in mice at exposure levels about 100 times below the standard 'safe' microwave level.

What is not published is the fact that various organizations, including elements within and behind the US govt. have been using microwave technology as a weapon for decades.

Natives, activists and some minorities in certain neighborhoods are being targeted by microwave weapons to eliminate them as potential threats to the deployment of the fascist corporate police-state.

In order for fascism to take root and be successful, its potential opponents have to be identified and neutralized and this is exactly what is being done.

Hitler was able to easily take control of Germany but he had to get rid of anyone who might oppose him in order to keep control.

When the CIA paid Saddam Hussein to take over Iraq they gave him a list of 800 people to kill who might oppose him.

Before Pinochet took over Chile in 1973 the CIA had helped identify thousands of people for destruction and teachers, artists, union leaders, democracy promoters and other thinking people were kidnapped, tortured and murdered before, during and after the US engineered coup.

These atrocities tend to come back to haunt the oppressors so now it is being done quietly and secretly and is being done with the unwitting permission and eager participation of those being eliminated.

When fascism takes hold of the world this time there will be few left to stand in its way.