Are Activists Being Attacked With Electronic Weapons?

Many of our friends who are more intuitive and active in trying to make the world a better place have been experiencing nearly identical symptoms of unexplained origin. The symptoms include headaches, stomach swelling and pain, night sweats, time anomalies, trouble concentrating, hearing strange noises - all with no apparent physical cause. Some have had extensive medical checkups which found no cause. One of our friends awoke from a deep sleep on several occasions to a strange vibration inside their body. In most cases the people around the friends have not been affected.

Possible causes for the symptoms include virus, bacteria, contamination from genetically engineered food and electronic weapons.

Evidence for electronic attacks is abundant. Patents exist for some of the devices and a recently declassified document sheds light on some of the types of weapons. For more info. visit our mind control document collection.

Why would anyone target intuitive activists?

The last few years have seen many changes in the United States and the world. Freedom in all countries is slowly being suppressed in the name of the "war against terrorism", yet the efforts to supposedly fight terrorism only create more potential terrorism while nothing is done to address the cause of guerilla resistance to corporate, economic, political and social oppression. Those waging the war are are the biggest terrorists of all. The attack on the World Trade Center was not orchestrated by muslim terrorists but by an international criminal elite which controls virtually every government and almost all media. This organization is made up of a globalists, zionists, satanists and possibly aliens. Yeah, I know that this sounds pretty nutty, but the evidence supports the existence of such a group.

The organization is evil and seeks control over the entire planet. In the last few years they have stolen trillions of dollars. They control the most advanced technology, the military, most mass media and have all the financial resources they could ever need. With genetic engineering and cloned stem cells they now have the ability to switch-off the death gene and live for a thousand years or more. They can't be defeated on a physical level. Their only vulnerability is on the spiritual level. As dark beings they are vulnerable to positive spiritual energy.

Most every human has the ability to defeat darkness, yet most people have been spiritually and mentally enslaved through diet, religion, schools and popular culture. Living in the modern world causes devolution. Cell phones cause brain damage and emotional instability, eating/drinking much of the food on the grocery store shelf can cause chemical imbalance, disease, mental and emotional instability. Mass media eliminates useful information and feeds people information designed to limit growth and awareness. We are poisoned, dumbed down and told what to think and how to feel.

Very few people are left with the awareness and focus to address the rise of evil. Those who have the awareness and ability to counter evil are being attacked and influenced to prevent them from interfering in the global takeover and resulting depopulation. Defending oneself against such attacks is not easy.

Surviving the attacks

Surviving psychotronic attacks is not easy but it is possible and will ultimately make you a better person.

If you really believe that you are being targeted by an electronic weapon please contact us.