Canary, 6.8

Canaries are birds that in the olden days were use to monitor the toxins in the mines and warn the miners of approaching dangers.)

We have all been talking about the earth changes, about how we are right in the middle of them and what a welcomed chain of events that will be. Well......
When the earth shook for 45 seconds on Feb. 28 2001 and measured 6.8 on the scale, I remember thinking: WHAT IN THE **** IS That!!!!!!. It never answered me. So lets go backwards and see what took place here and how it affected ONE Lightworker, me.
All the signs had been there, but even I did not make the connection all together. Being very affected by frequency changes and the information that NASA e-mails every day it was right in front of my face.
The sun magnetic reversed only a week prior and when my granddaughter Destiny noticed how strange the incoming tide was, as it came in it formed a channel and went backwards, we talked about it and wondered why that was.
The water levels in the reservoirs dropped, the news said it was because of the drought we are experiencing, but we had discussed that in our Sunday D.U.M.P. session. Like there was a hole in the earth some of us thought.
Four days before the quake the calls were starting to come in and we were monitoring the symptoms that the friends were complaining about.
ITCHING, especially in the breast area. In my case ALL OVER.
Loss of balance, in my case total vertigo.
Inability to sleep.
Craving of "Comfort Food, " in my case Ice Cream. I do not eat ice cream. Nuts, M&M, s specifically.
Joint pain, lots of hip problems even in friends that had NO back problems.
Heart palpitations, 30% increase in ER visits.
Difficulty while driving, felt like driving on black ice at all time.
Flu like symptoms.
Bronchial like symptoms.
A friend that monitors frequency activities and planetary movement in space by sound had an actual heart attack. I am NOT sure if that was related or a coincidence.
On Feb. 27th at 11:21 PM I thought I felt the earth moving. I am sure of the time because my daughter came by and was off work early, I looked at the clock at her arrival. About midnight I felt it again, called her and she thought I had imagined it.
At 4AM on Feb. 28th I HEARD the terrible noise, it sounded like grinding metal. It lasted 4-5 seconds. I know then the quake was coming and packed a bag with all needed documents, medications, glasses and personal needs items, laid the coat over the purse, placed it by the door and put my shoes on. I waited till 5AM and fell asleep with my shoes on.
What later turned out to be about 9:30 AM I woke out of a very deep sleep because an old leg injury was hurting me very badly and limped to the restroom, wondering what that pain was.
I had dozed off when the actual quake hit at 10:55AM. I awakened and try to reach the door but was thrown about 15 feet all the way across the trailer back on to the couch. I landed on my alien doll and covered my head with a blanket. That is when I had the thought mentioned in the beginning of this story.
45 seconds is a long time when you have no sense of what is going on. After the noise and whatever sensation I felt was over I jumped up and inspected my physical body. I was fine. One is always fine running on adrenaline!
The phone rang and my daughter called to check on me and to tell me she was picking up the children from school. I had electricity so the news reported the "Seattle Earthquake" that later turned out to be the Nisqually Quake and I was located 3.5 miles from the epic center.
The cell phones were dead and I set up a phone center to call some key people that were in place to check on people and get messages to others. Most of the regular routes were cut off and friends called to have me guide them thru town because the freeways were either down or grid locked. It took almost 3 hours for my daughter to collect 6 children in 4 different schools and she managed to get thru and call in the streets that were travel worthy.
I called the hospital to check on my son, they said everyone was fine. I later found out that the hospital was not fine. It had been built to swerve in a quake and after an addition was added that was a solid structure the main building slammed into the solid structure and did a lot of damage, that was not reported for obvious reasons. My son was OK but I can only imagine the 45 seconds with a building slamming into you! The street collapsed close to the hospital, bridges were down and the Capitol hit. earthquake archives tells the full story with pictures.
All the food in plastic containers had popped from the pressure, the house was a mess. By evening I had picked up most of it and thought that was the end of it and counted my blessings.
After a quake it is advisable to take a brisk walk because of the cellular memories in your bones and also to eat a meal to ground yourself. I did that, except I was not walking straight, felt like I was on a train having to shift my weight from side to side. I slept through the 2 aftershocks.
The next morning I heard a weird noise and came outside. There was an old Mexican man cutting my grass with a lawnmower from the 70 `s. I ask him what he was doing and he just smiled and said: "Have a nice day." Looking back on it I don `t think he was a man at all but that same Aztec that had guided and protected me once before. I thought I had imagined it; nevertheless, the grass was cut. Like he put boundary stakes just on my property, no one else's.
The second night I woke up out of a deep sleep and was "told" to go up town and heard the song: In the heat of the night. I followed that voice and did not stop to use the restroom. Since I did not know what the reason was for the urgency, having to do so, I did not want to alarm the local friends and got my friend Monica in Texas out of bed to talk to. After 2 hours I returned home and thought that to be odd. I later realized that it was at that time the trailer made that initial drop.
Some of the friends donated some money and I replaced the food.
My son seemed fine and my daughter found out her two-story house had moved to the right 1.5 inches and the shingles on her new roof were now turned upward. (Not sure if moved or sank is the right term) She had damage inside and the 3-year-old told his story and showed off the scrapes and bruises " My MOM drug me by my foot across the room and went under a table, it said dodo dodo. I said Mummy don, t leave me, the houses said DROP, he is pointing to the left. Mummy don, t leave me, the house said DROP, he is pointing to the right.
Things got back to normal except that I was still doing my "train walk." It did not feel right. My grandson and I heard a terrible noise leaving one day. It was then I decided to call someone to check the foundation. Andy went to look under the trailer and found a 20-foot long crack in the ground. It was 15 feet wide and we did not know how deep. I spend the night at my daughters and when the City came the next morning my life changed forever.
There is ground that is sitting almost on air a senior building code specialist with the City said. The soil has some organic material under it. A geo-technical soil specialist used a 3-foot probe and it went into the ground like butter.
I grabbed MS E. T. the cat and her litter box and had to leave my home of 15 years, now red tagged. And so the madness began.......
FEMA came the next morning and so did the paperwork. I guess when a person is in shock they sign a lot of papers. Even after all is explained you become this mechanical something and just
The RED CROSS actively came looking for me and I thought that was great. They put me in a Motel and paid for my food for one week. They also gave me a clothes voucher for Mervyns. The nice sales person there even let me keep the hangers. That was the easy part. My daughter became my Mom, that was the great part. I had no watch so she gifted me a beautiful silver necklace watch with rubies. She was in need herself but that was her "Comfort Food" to take care of her Mother. I spend parts of the days at the Motel and slept on her couch, I think she needed to have me in sight. It is very important to allow people to do what they have to, to deal with a crisis. We cleared out the CROPPER, the RV only to find our food supply had been invaded by other species and had to throw all of that away. It kept us busy for 3 days.
My life changed every 2 hours after the Insurance came into the picture. Yes, I do have Insurance. I discovered a deposit into my account had been made and thinking a friend had donated it called to find out who did. It was FEMA. $573. I bought things that I needed right away. Nail clippers, a suitcase, undies, cat food and gas for the 278 miles in-town driving I would do in the next few days to fill out papers and keep my almost hourly appointments to answer questions.
I was notified by FEMA I had to return the money because I had insurance after I spend $277 of the money. We had more than 900 misplaced people in Olympia, which in essence dropped 3 inches, so finding a place to live was pretty slim. With my budget I cried to see some of the places I would be able to afford and thought that Ms. E.T deserved better than that and I am a HUMAN BEEING so I would rather live in the Cropper than rent one of those places. My neck that reacts to toxins was no longer swollen and I was grateful for not living in my place any more, was sick for years. A Canary if you will, only I did not realize that at that time.
I was still laughing most of the time, hysteria I think and I am sure the person experiencing all of this was NOT me, but my Higher Self. Imagine the ONLY house that was lost. The Red Cross had me stay in the Motel a second week.
The friends asked what I needed......Everything...... except you have nowhere to put anything. Again some of the friends send money and a Stranger bought 2 VCR‘s so I could continue to copy the shows for the stations. She had read in the paper that all the equipment was in the house. In fact I was unable to cover my own story, I had no cameras.
The most valuable help anyone can give at a time like this is CASH and Phone Cards. You need a lot of them. I had my documents and was able to prove who I was, some people were not that lucky.
Oh Yeah, the insurance you ask. They were great, they had a lot of answers that did not work because of the special circumstances. I love my adjuster, his lesson was and still is to go with the flow. But we will get to that a little later.
The City allowed me to enter the home for a very short time and again my daughter volunteered to take a chance and retrieve some of the things I needed. ` We threw my T.L.Rampa books, all the research books and most of the African artifices out of the doors and windows, it was just too unstable. The computer and the fax machine were hoisted out and some of my hats with the help of a broom-handle thrown out of the window. It was just to dangerous and we abandoned ship and with that decision left all my belongings, all irreplaceable things like family pictures and clothes collected from across the world, in the house. My friend Edie said we had a choice between dropping everything to the "Center of the Earth" or to fling it into "Outer Space." The printer did not survive, neither did the VCR monitor and I am not so sure about the FAX, but we gave it our best shot.
Up till this time I was still in a daze. While there the mailman came and brought me a package. I opened it and it was from Monica. It was a gift set of my trademark perfume...Paloma Picasso. I sprayed it all over myself and when I smelled the familiar scent that was ME, I grounded, knowing I was HERE and my Higher Self left and returned control back to me. In her wisdom Monica knew I would never spend that amount of money for perfume at a time like this. It was soooo important to have happened like that we realized later.
After two weeks the insurance put me into an apartment for emergency housing. They were great and rented everything. Furniture, household items, TV and bedding. It was great, only I thought it had all cost too much, I am a simple person. So for a little while I am able to relax ....Or am I....
I have to get an address for all the papers to get mailed to me, so I can sign them. A PO BOX.....more $$$$$... Drivers license has to be changed.....more $$$$$. Checks have to be replaced....more $$$$$. Final electric bill has to be paid.....more $$$$$. Phone has to be transferred to the cell phone.....more $$$$$. All this of course has to be done a second time, should I ever get out of the "HOLE" The ground in Olympia is still moving, more damage is being discovered every day, five weeks after the quake.
I am still in the sinkhole and sinking more every day.
Many lives are still disrupted and not everyone is dealing with everything as well as I am.
So let me tell you about my blessings.
My neck is no longer toxic and swollen.
The TV Show is still going and has a lot more viewers.
After the dust settled I remembered that for some "STRANGE" reason I send my Show Archives to Steam Boat Island for safety 3 weeks before the quake.
After a talk for the children in Middle school the week after the quake I forgot all the things I had displayed so they were returned to me.
A new friend "ROSE" gifted me 2 VCR‘s and I can continue delivery of the shows.
Some of the friend came forward to help me.
My Family was great.
Martha became by backbone and was willing to go down with the ship.
Sue and Lisa were my helpers.
My Insurance adjuster is a wonderful person and will be able to find a solution to his dilemma as soon as my guides find a suitable place for me to be able to follow my path. I am Psychic you know.... But I Am Not Telling....
My hope is that some scientist will see the wisdom of having Canaries for the next time, Should it be me, SO BE IT!!! Now that I know how it works.
Your continuous support is so appreciated; I have a long ways to go.

In Love and Light Lilian


Those of you that know me have never known me to tell a story from beginning to end and in that order. I will not disappoint you, I assure you.
If ever there was a time for me to be grateful not to be "NORMAL" this is the time. You see a normal person would not be able to find a way thru this madness of having become an "Insurance-Baby", only a crazy person or in my case a person of high strangeness.
Surviving the 6,8 earthquake on Feb. 28 2001 was the easy part. Walking away from my house in the sinkhole was also easy compared to what was to follow.
The nice Insurance Adjuster that had told me I was about to travel thru a dark tunnel and he was there to guide me to the other end was transferred and the fallout from the other end of the tunnel was about to choke the crap out of me. It had taken 6 weeks for the Insurance to realize there was no easy way to resolve my problems, so within 2 days the new person in charge dumped everything in my lap, with the smile I might add. I think he thought I was a normal person. He handed me a check to move my house and wished me well. Before departing he entered the house and took pictures of all my possessions, which were sitting right there, where they had been for 16 years. All nice and orderly covered with the strangest looking brown dust that must have come from the center of the earth. I asked him who would repair or replace my belongings including the trailer after we pulled it out of the hole. He gave me a blank look and when I asked would he do that he said, no, it all looks ok there was nothing else to do for him. Do I look like I am normal?
It is said that when we come to this life we have agreed to do certain things. I do not remembered having agreed to all of this, but in case I did PLEASE TAKE HEED. I would not like having done this for nothing. There will be other earthquakes. Olympia is still sinking. You see what happened is that we all were affected by this. In the beginning we were all glad to have survived this. We then went into denial and pretended all was well. FEMA extended the deadline for filing claims that should have been a clue. After 3 days of my dilemma I became a regular homeless person and all concern faded. I think when people ask if you have insurance and you answer yes, in their mind all is well and you are ok. In essence what really happens is that because of the insurance you are totally at their mercy and so become an "Insurance-Baby". Only my name remained Lilian and was not changed to ********.
After the Agent handed me a check for $14458 to have my trailer moved my life changed on a daily basis. I set out to fix what they had not been able to do for 6 weeks. I called every trailer park to see if they would rent me a space. That was impossible because it has a metal roof and according to new regulations parks are not able to accept these trailers.
The City said I could try to go in and get some of my things and we attempted that. It was a very dangerous undertaking because when you sit on a sinkhole and the weight shifts it is dangerous, so I only got a few things and abandoned that plan. Everything was contaminated from the brown sod and I caught for a week. I got 3 small storage rooms from U-Haul for a while and thought I could wait things out. After 30 days the price almost doubled and because I have no money presented another problem.
I was evicted from Emergency Housing because the insurance did not pay the bills, so I had to find a home for the few things I had managed to collect since I lived there.
At the last minute the rent was paid and I remained there for 2 more weeks. Having to sleep on the floor upset my back condition and I was unable to walk for a week.
When I thought things could not get any worse I felt like I did when I was stuck between the buildings in Nashville. I was driving down the road when my trunk popped open. I secured it and 2 blocks later it popped again. I said to Universe that I needed some Firefly -People. I found myself on a little country road, not really knowing what I was going to do there. I called my brother, a Realtor just to chat and he notified me there was a Mobile for sale right up the street from there. He arranged for me to look at it. When I arrived a few minutes later, we knocked on the door. A Native American Lady answered the door and I told her I was looking for the Fire-Fly-People. She smiled and asked if I would settle for a dragonfly. I loved the place and made a deal with her to buy the place. We also thought it would be great to tape a couple of TV Shows, which we did. Sacred Lands, Sacred People. It was during that interview it turned out her husband was actually Standing Elk’s nephew. A Fire- Fly-Person from the Lakota Nation.
Some people think the Psychics are wealthy people, some of us are. However most of us are struggling in the three dimensional world and have very little. Some of us have very little attachment to material things and there are others, like myself, who are disabled in one form or another. Some disabled persons qualify to get a housing subsidy and get help with their rent and medicine. I was one of those people and grand fathered in in a Mobile Home Program. Because I was unable to move my home itself those guidelines no longer applied. The place I thought would become my new home was located in a park that took Government Vouchers. Life looked pretty good. I made new friends and looked forward to living in the wonderful energy that place projected. However at the last minute the Landowner changed his mind and after a lot of emotional struggle that move was not possible.
We had prayed so hard and did ceremony, because the new friends needed the money to go to Big Mountain and work with the grandmothers and the people, but for some reason Universe had other plans for all of us at this time. The reason is still not known to us. I am sure we will in time.
I knew there was no way to move my home and got such mixed messages as to what I should do. I looked at every Mobile for sale in the county. Nothing felt right.
Back at the APT. my days were counting down.
The manager brings me an eviction notice because the insurance did not pay their part of the rent. I CALL A FRIEND TO GET SOME OF THE THINGS I have accumulated since I moved there. The manager asks why am I moving? I am glad I am not NORMAL! Just as I am almost all moved the check arrives and I have a place to stay for 15 more days.
To get my mind off things my friend Martha and I go for a drive. We spot a Mobil that looked like it was unoccupied. There is a for sale sign in the window and it is located in a park ran by a friend.
The next morning, a Sunday, we called the U-SAVE Agent and she tells me she has found the perfect place. To my surprise she takes us, my daughter and some of her children to the place we had found the night before. IT NEVER HAD A FOR SALE SIGN. Of course we thought it was a gift from heaven. It was so much bigger than the one I had before and I would not even miss the Glass Room, a room for reading was right there. The yard is big and perfect for the grandkids and it takes away some of the sadness I felt when I was unable to move into the Indian Place. I sign the papers and was told I could move in on the 25th of May. I can do this! I can do this!
The landlord agrees to take a government voucher, a section 8 and all the lease papers are filled out. My mind is at peace, my back said: GOOD...MY TURN!
And with that I am laid up for 4 days. Like a big toothache in my back and I am not able to move. I cannot, so I leave on the tight jeans that I have on for whatever reason, first time I wore jeans in 3 years!
The Lady from Housing calls and asks me to come to the office. With my walker, my Higher Self and I went to town. It took an hour for me to drive 8 miles, so much pain!
She tells me I am no longer eligible for housing, I am only allowed to spend 30% of my income for rent and I am a few dollars over, just a few.... With that things look real hopeless. It is hard for the average person to understand how the Government guidelines are arrived at. I can be poor, only if I am poorer than that I can no longer qualify for help. I am glad I am not NORMAL.
It took me a very long time to get back to the Apt. because I inched my way back, unable to move very much. All the friends were at work and there was no one to come and drive my car home for me. Give me some codeine, NOW!
I knew the Lady felt really bad, so I wrote her a thank you card for having tried so hard to help me. They had tears in their eyes when they hugged me.
I have since learned that because of what happened to me and they did not want to give up, this is being looked at again and a survey was ordered by HUD to see why the rents are so high in the parks, I am very happy about that.
I am dealing with the reality I cannot afford to live anywhere without the help of my CREATOR and take that plunge without a parachute and TRUST.
The only thing that is organized in my life is the shows and I tape a two part series on the Oklahoma Cover Up a News Expose.
At least twice a week the APT. Manager sends a note to request a pre-move-out inspection. A pre-move-out interview. So many pre-move-out things I feel like I do not have a home at all. I am glad I am not NORMAL! I CAN DO THIS!!!!!
By the 23rd I realize that closing will not take place on the 25th. I am Psychic you know. I cancel the moving truck and try to get this burning pain out of the head, we, my Therapist and I nicknamed it my `’HOT-HEAD-SYNDROME`’
I pulled a card last night and it informed me that everything happens to me serves as a lesson for someone else. It gives me comfort and knowing that Universe is again using me as a tool for others. PAY HEED, there will be other quakes and more challenges for all of us.
I have no animosity about being a casualty.
I have no attachment to my loss. Universe provided me with everything I need to do my work.
I resent being an ‘Insurance-Baby’
It saddens me to see how people behave.
I miss the friend I lost along the way.
I am glad some people benefit from this.
I am HEALTHY, not living in that place any longer.
I am grateful for the financial help the friends gave me.
I am grateful not to be NORMAL.
I am learning that Universe and I am not on the same time -line, that is what I get for loosing my dual face watch!
It is way passed the 25th, all my things are packed and I am ready for the next part of my journey. I am now homeless.
Till next time Love and Light

Often times Scouts return with arrows in their back!

A few days of being homeless, not a problem, I can do this standing on my head! Surviving the 6.8 Earthquake on Feb. 28 2001 and surviving being an Insurance Baby has taught me to make do and expect the unexpected. In just a few days I will be in my new home, well, new to me.
I pull the Cropper into my daughter’s driveway and in a way it is nice, I will be able to spend time with the Grandkids. I have lights and a little cubbyhole to sit and drink Coffee and a little place to lay and sleep.. Could even stretch my legs at night if I am really careful, besides that, I traveled clear across country with MEME and her didgeridoos in the tub in 97. Just like then, I can't get to the stove, the sink or anything else for that matter and MS. ET the cat loves the Cropper anyway. She is so happy to be out of the Apartment and a happy cat counts for a lot right now. Can't have an unhappy cat!
We fall asleep about 3AM and by 7:30AM the kids think it is time for me to get up AND I DO. Like every morning I call to check on my move- in date and like every morning no one knows. Have only been here 3 weeks and I know the routine. Just be patient I am told, it will happen soon.
Taping shows has become an almost impossible undertaking, I am totally out of money, nowhere to hook up the computer and it is hard to get phone calls. The phone bill is "only" $529.54, low for a cell-phone the Phone Company tells me. I need to have my phone number sent to a different phone to avoid that. Impossible, because of the prefix. The friends have a hard enough time to keep up with my dilemma and should not be expected to remember a new phone number. Lady, I don't care if you send it into Outer Space I told the phone person." I’ll call you back " she said and she did, late that night. "We sent the number to a satellite and are beaming it back to your cell-phone; it will arrive there tomorrow. All for only $31 installation and $16 per month." Ever so often the kids would knock on the Cropper telling me I had a call. It took a while to figure out that the satellite beamed it to the wrong cell phone. We fix it by the 3rd business day, no problem. For the next 2 weeks no calls, no one loves me! Truth of the matter is we don't know who is getting the calls, no one seems to know! Least of all the phone company!
If you are following me along and have noticed that I am now in my 5th week of homelessness, YOU ARE RIGHT! I am still patient.
As I was doing things in town each day just to keep from losing my mind, I was talking to myself in a shop and a man named Dough answered me. Turned out he was a homeless person and so he offered to help in the studio and we hang out at Jack in the Box for a burger.
I experienced what it feels like to be homeless, without money and how people looked at you as soon as they see you coming. I still mentioned that I was the EARTH QUAKE HOMELESS PERSON FROM THEIR TV SET on Wednesday and Friday. BIG DEAL! It s so expensive to live in the street, even with a Cropper for safety at night. By now I have driven 1320 miles since the earthquake to take care of things. In town, the car does not make the freeway, it is too sick.
I finally get the papers for the Non Profit I had applied for: TEMPLE OF HIGH STRANGENESS. I thank Universe, now that I am a "TEMPLE" the friends can help more freely and deduct any donations from their taxes. Will be good to get back to work. I go from shock to hysteria to depression to just being in awe of the whole thing. IN ONE OF MY BETTER MOMENTS I thought I should consult the cards to see what is holding up my move- in- date. It told me that the problem was not with the bank back East as I was told, but rather local. I related that in my morning phone call and I am sure they were as tired of me calling as I was having to call there. It is now July 1, 2001.
The landlord, at the park I had signed the lease with, was wonderful and did not make me pay space rent on a place that I was not able to move into. Instead of help I got advice and more advice to the point where I quoted my friend EDIE that says that when one gives unsolicited advice they disrespect your own judgment. No Calls, no Readings, just the wait and I am not a nice person.
I consult the cards again and again it tells me the problem is local not with the bank. Up to this time I have not cried or even grieved for what had happened. I am now getting whiny and that makes me angry. My nerves are very stretched and I want to jump out of my skin. I know there is a divine force at work here but I wish I could understand what is going on here!
One evening, right about July 5 or so a Lady called and she sounded like she had the voice of an angel. She said she had heard about my troubles and she had a Mobile for sale. She said she knew about my financial situation and she would settle for half the selling price and would move it to anywhere I choose in just a few days.
I was so moved and shed a tear about how there are people that Do care. I called the landlord at the park where I was supposed to move to and asked if there was an empty lot. There was and it was possible to shift the lease to the new lot, 300 feet from the place I had bought and couldn't move into. Oh sure they said. So I looked at the lot and it was the biggest one there, checked everything there was about it. Even poked in the dirt to see if the ground was stable. Trees everywhere except on the lot, no power lines or transformers, only thing I could get hit by would be the planes that land at the near by airport if they ever miss a runway.
I checked with the 2 Psychics I trust and my Higher UP and it was a GO. A safe place and 300 feet from where I thought I was going. I was still disappointed about not being able to live in the Indian Place and I so liked the Repo.
The money for the Repo was refunded and I felt panic for a bit because I had went thru all this trouble all these weeks of patience to give up now. The Human Thing you know....
I agreed to buy the place the Lady had offered so graciously and I hated it! I hated everything about it! Especially the kitchen.
We agreed on the price and I made her aware that is ALL the money I had. She assured me nothing else was needed and I would be up and running in no more that 5 days. The 4th time I went to the lot a Grass Circle had appeared right in the front. The Circle I had always hoped for at the old place just to prove to the neighbors they did exist. I had only ever seen 2 of them, this one being the second. I thanked Universe for the affirmation and promised to change my attitude about the place.
The Lady allowed me to take most of my belongings out of storage and lay it flat on the floor inside the place till it was where it needed to go. That saved me $100 and I was grateful.
I no longer felt homeless......for a day or so.
The 5 days came and went and there was no movement at all. She, lets call her LADY said it was taking longer because it cost more than she thought and her kindness was a little in haste, be patient.
10 days came and went, PATIENCE.
15 days came and went PATIENCE.
Finally, a call. A cement slab has to be removed, it is the only thing holding up the move. I call the friends and they come right out with sledgehammers and picks and we, including my 10-year-old grandson are taking MY frustration out on the cement. Problem solved, slab gone, all 4 inched thick and 5 feet in diameter.
As soon as it was known that the Mobile was leaving the neighbors in the very ritzy neighborhood came with wheelbarrows and stole all of the flowers and bushes. By the end of that week, on Saturday I went there to see how the work was going and the place was finally on the road somewhere. I said to the neighbors: "First you steal the plants and now the whole house". Felt so mean but the look on their faces was worth it!!!! When I got to the park with my lot, here was the Place all on blocks already! It was an awesome sight. It looked huge! All my crates were still flat on the floor and I had a home!
The nice mover said it would take several days like 3-4 before inspection. That involved hooking up plumbing and electric, skirting and a porch with railings and legally I was not to live there till then. A pink tag kept me out.
The Landlord agreed that I could stay in the Cropper for 3 days so I could start my move in.
I thanked the kids for having been my neighbor for such a long time and got ready to leave. The Cropper did not start. Someone had messed with the switch box the day Kanashibushan had stayed with me after a viewer send for her so we could tape an update on our predictions because 27 of them had happened already and it was only JULY. We had gone to the MIMA MOUNDS a very special place and recharged our own batteries, if you will.
The Cropper battery was dead so I bought a new one. I was not able to install it so Bernie my director just happened to come by with a mechanic that informed me that I had fried the alternator and the voltage regulator and NO WAY was I going to be able to drive 10 miles with even the new battery. I called AAA and they towed me. The little guy came with an even littler truck. I tried telling him it was not going to work. After much debate and struggle he agreed and left Cropper in the middle of the street for almost two hours and then finally delivered it at my new home. On THURSDAY. He forgot to connect the driveline and when I was ready to duke it out with the tow truck lady, it was Monday. She informed me that "GOD" was always testing people with hardships. I told her that Universe had thrown every Anal Person on the planet my way in the past 5 month, to please leave God out of this. If she was unable to move her boss I would do it for her. I did. On TUESDAY.
12 days have gone by. I have a place in a sinkhole with a red tag. I have a place on blocks 5 feet in the air with a pink tag and I am not allowed to live in either one.
No activity, no sign of workers.
Lady calls me and tells me that I did not give her enough money and in order for me to finish for inspection I would have to pay more Electric, Plummer, Skirting, Porch. I reminded her that I had purchase the Place on the new premise, not the old. Her rules had changed. She reminded me that by her doing me this favor and discounting everything I was taken money from her family. I wanted to ask if she was short on the BMW payment, but I did not get to it. I started to cry. She said:" Don't cry" in that sweet voice I had heard when she made me the offer. I said" You don't understand". I was so angry had she been here I would have decked her. It is sad when a light worker is put in a position for that to occur.
After 3 days I was unable to sleep in the Cropper because I am unable to drive it to the store parking lot in the present condition. I am unpacking, befriending my home and have Lady hold me hostage by not sending the workers. I spend some nights at friend’s houses but because I have to be here so early decide to hide out at night and just sleep in the Place.
The electrician comes and after 14 days I have lights.
A plumber comes and tells me he will be back after sundown. Friday 3 weeks ago. Never came back.
In tears I give my report to a friend and within a day her husband and nephew came and connected the plumbing.
They hook up the antenna so I can watch the news.
All the appliance are broken, the water tank is rusted out. I struggle for every nail and screw I have to produce for more repairs.
We forgot to ground the antenna, there it was, 8 feet in the air on the roof. The neighbors noticed it but thought there was no danger of lightning this time of the year. Little do they know that CHANGO visits me quit often and lightening appears over my house when there is not a cloud in the sky. I bought a grounding rod and as I pulled in noticed a man in a truck with a ladder.
I stopped him and asked what would he charge to ground the antenna. He looked at it and after he was done said I was welcome. He started talking about the Wing Makers and how some of the neighbors have watched my evolution of moving in. How they knew I was coming and needed to move 300 feet from where I thought I was going, in order to be the point of the triangle where the other light workers live.
I go to the Post Office 11 miles away to check the mail.
A Star Beacon Reader from SC sends me a wonderful letter and $5, more than he can spare, being sick himself. I bought lunch, a hot meal I so needed after many days of snacks. My soul thanked him so much and I will forever remember lunch because of the loving way it came about.
Two days later I have a card from a Star Beacon Reader, a Lady that called me a "KINDRED SPIRIT".
A $100 bill of which I took $98.14 to the Hardware Store to buy piping for the plumbing that had just given out.
My soul thanked her and I realized that the Temple of High Strangeness is not for people of like mind but rather for "KINDRED SPIRITS". What a revelation!!!!!
I hooked up the computer and prepared for the shows on the Antiterrorism Bill that followed the shows on the Oklahoma Cover Up News Expose Show. From throwing the printer out of the window and moving so much, it is broken.
The artifacts I managed to save have been glued together and found their proper place in the Place. The $5 bed from the garage sale sleeps great!
Everything is unpacked and nailed and glued in place for the next shaker.
47days after the call from Lady to come to my rescue I have passed the first inspection with the help of some of the friends that hammered and sawed and nailed and listen to my stories.
After 21 days of no water and electric I have cooked my first meal.
The neighbors have shown me more kindness than the old ones in 16 years.
The Repo got a new tenant the same day I was "legal" in the Place. Her and I moved in on the same day.
The mover worked out a deal with me for the skirting that will be installed in 2 weeks after he returns from vacation.
The friends from up North will build me a permanent porch in a week. Treated wood for it will have to fall out of the sky and WILL.
The Temple got its first donations. A green 74 Fury a friend donated and had her son bring from east of the mountains, almost 250 miles away. Does IT ever do freeway!!!!!
A green lawn-set to sit on under a tree and meditate with the friends arrived early on, GREAT!
I have given the anger I felt for Lady for having tried to cheat an Earthquake victim/survivor to Universe.
I understand homelessness and connect with the wonderful spirits of the people I meet during that time.
I have made friend with my new home, even the kitchen.
I appreciate the friend that helped me along this far.
I ask for help to carry me to the completing of this task. I was your scout, I did come home wounded, I am healing and reporting to you so you can be safe.
Time for the Lawyers, they have started to call. I guess it will be a while before this story comes to a close, so stay "tuned" in "every" respect.
In Love and Light

Why me?
Here it is two years later and I have finally recovered.
Someone asked why I had such bad luck. I looked at that objectively, since I do not believe in luck, good, bad or indifferent.
I feel I saved the life of the Mobile I bought from the Lady. It would have surely died without the repairs I made.
The insurance never paid anything other than the $ 1400 to move my old house.
Since I used that money to buy the present dwelling I was still liable for removing the one that fell in the hole. I had a HEART to HEART talk with the landlord and we settled. He took responsibility for the removal and promised to turn the park into a model neighborhood for the tenants that were left. That task is now complete and the people like it real well.
HUD did a survey in order to re-evaluate the outrages rents being charged at parks. As a result of that 131 seniors are now getting housing assistance.
The friends rebuild my glass room.....Porch..... It is twice the size of the first one. I am able to use it for filming some of the Shows, a reading room and a gathering place.
I have a huge yard for the grandkids to play in and neighbors that care about one another.
I have fresh air, trees at a safe distance. Rabbits, frogs and owls are frequent visitors.
I met many new friends because of the earthquake that I would have missed otherwise.
On a trip in May and June of 2003 I ended up in tornado stricken areas such as Pierce City, Mo and was able to tell some of the survivors my story. I think it gave them hope for the future.
IT WAS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, in hind side. I don't care to repeat it. However, Universe was wise to pick me instead of the 82-year-old Lady next door. The lessons learned would have been untold because she would not have had the massive exposure I do thru the TV Show.
BAD LUCK? You decide.
Love and Light