A Few Case Histories

A Lady in charge of hiring employees for a large corporation seeks my services at times. In this particular instance she had choices between 6 applications for 2 positions. She liked one of the applicants, but I advised her against that choice because I saw a problem with promptness and dependability. This woman put her two kids before her job and would miss a lot of work because of that.

After the Lady interviewed this woman, it appeared that I had been mistaken. The woman had no children, so she was hired. Shortly thereafter the problems in her tardiness and no-shows became apparent. When questioned, it turned out the woman had two "BABIES" - her dogs. That was however not reason for dismissal and created a lot of stress for the co-workers.

I rest my case.

A friend is a small business owner
He requested, I help him hire a secretary. I scanned the application of the person up for consideration. I advised him this was not a good choice, because this person was underhanded and not honest. He, however liked her and hired her against my better judgment, Psychically.

Two weeks later the women went to lunch. She never returned. She never called with an explanation. She filed for unemployment, stating personal differences. He objected and appealed the decision. He lost. She had lied on her application and worked just long enough to finish her required quarter for unemployment.

He suffered financially and was unable to replace her. Lack of funds.

Missing person
A couple called me requesting I help them find their daughter, she had disappeared. I asked for the age of the daughter, reason being I will not intrude in someone's space and privacy. A parent or guardian can make that decision in case of a child. When dealing with an adult, only suspicion of foul play is expectable to me. In this case a missing person report had been filed. To illustrate how strange some of these conversations can be when trying to accomplish this, I will quote the conversation as it took place.

I: "the woman has brown hair" Mother: "No, it is auburn."

I: "She weights 140 pounds." Mother: " No, 135 pounds"

I: "She has a scar on her upper left leg" Mother: "But she is wearing pants, you can't see it"

I: "She is wearing a red jacket." Father: "No, it is maroon"

I: "Her purse is rough, not leather, some kind of canvas" Mother: "She did not take it with her"

I: " She has an issue with a redheaded man about money." Mother: "that is her biological father, she did not go there because he has not paid her."

I then related the following: She has an issue with another a red headed man from her past, abuse, when she was 8 years old, had set her off.

She went to a place that sounds like RESS...ROSS>>>RESSS>. She is close to something that looks like a dagger and a sword. An Arch. She is safe and will be home, don't worry. Worry about the next time sheleaves.

The woman was found. This is what she told me when she called to thank me for caring and trying to find her.

She had a fight with her mate, he reminded her of a red headed abuser from the time she was 7-8 years old.

She was also angry at her biological father because he owed her money and she needed it.

As she stormed out of the house she left her purse, Canvas and corduroy, behind.

She just drove and ended up at the Indian REServation. Stopped for a while to compose herself. Was almost out of gas and spend most of the night by a pole that was curved, leaning against a tree. Got scared because she heard animal noises and eventually found her way to a phone. She was at McDonald's. The family brought her money for gas. She was safe and yes, she is suicidal.

A friend of my Doctors ask me to find a runaway boy. The picture I had been given was that of a 6 year old boy. These are my original notes, followed by a testimonial letter from the mother after the child returned home.

Not in one place. Close to post office. On the move. Sacramento??? Grieving, mentally confinement. Abuse by man, other than his father or both. No plans. Lots of hurt because of his mother and other siblings. Possible predator, himself. Money, Law, Weed. Something or someone abuses him, MALE. Father, Mother secrets about children. Going south. Good talker. Coming back to get money, gun, clothes. Between 9:00pm and 9:30 PM. Man with him, 23-24 years old. Alcohol, cheap. Metal roof, Barn??? The boy is 14 years old. Man with him Latino or something, has record. In black 1960ish Fairlane, 4 door. Gender confused, Dope, Hustle. Some form of prostitution. Countrystore, arcade. Will be found. But run away again.

Letter from Mother:

Thank you so very much for giving me something to look for and the hope I needed. Before you called me, all I could do is sit in front of my window watching and hoping my son would come home. Between the rumors and unanswered questions I didn't know what to think. He is back? Is he safe? Where is he? I was literally falling apart.

On Tuesday, January 30th, which was the coldest day of the year I was fixing dinner. Jacob asked me if he could go outside to throw snowballs with a friend. I told him dinner would be ready in 5 minutes. So I let him. Dinner was done, no Jake. Half an hour went by and I could not find him. After hours we called the police. We went thrue his room and found some of his clothes were gone. Then we had to accept that he ran away. That boy was 14, thin, stringy blond hair. The police told me my son was not safe with this boy, he was in a lot of trouble. His father is a good talker, a preacher. This boy had convinced my son he was also in trouble and that I had already called the police. No matter what, he would be arrested and taken to a place called Green Hill, a home for boys. They went to level II sexoffenders house.

This man had been convicted of molesting boys between 11 and 15. He serves time in jail. He was unsure of his own sexuality according to records.

They stayed at the house, extreamly filthy, 14 dogs, 17 cats. The house had a metal roof. The boys got into a terrible fistfight in the back yard, the man had given them alcohol. MAD DOG, cheap wine. This Josh was suppose to have stolen a whole pound of marijuana from this man and had one month to pay him back, or he was going to kill both boys.

There was an older woman, 60-70 years old that was at the house sitting in a chair. Some guy went into the house and traded her a milkshake for oral sex (a form of prostitution)

A friend of ours, that is older and 5,8 tall found Jacob at the arcade in Yelm. Next to the country store. He helped me. At 9:oopm I received the call they had spotted him. He was home at 9:15pm. I drove him to the man's home to get his clothes and things and were home at 9:30pm.

The following day the kids had planned to go to Lacey to pick up a gun and another guy with stringy blond hair was driving a dark blue (dirty) old Plymouth. He was going to take the boys to Sacramento with him. While the boys were gone they smoked a lot of cigarettes and did not eat and hardly sleep. Jacob said he was upset because his father and I separated, me for moving and his father being so verbally abusive. Also his uncle because of friction between him and his father.

Felt pushed away by his brothers and sister. The following day he ran. Got a gun and supposedly went to Sacramento.

It is astonishing how many things were correct. Thank you so very much.

(Also, this man lives just around the corner from the postoffice and police station.)

Also, Josh tried to rape the girl that was with them, Jake stopped him.) Also, the guy with the older car was 22 years old.) (Also, if made to come home, will not stay, Jake wanted to come home but was scared to) Josh was made to go home, but ran away next day. Jacob came home on his 14th birthday.

Jacob is fine, calls me often and states he will not run away again since I will find him anyway, as he puts it.

I have many stories to tell, lots of testimonials. Enough to fill another web page, or a book. At a later time.