Digging Mass Graves at Dugway?

One can often get an indication of what the US government is up to by what it spends money on.

A large percentage of govt. spending is secret. In addition to the tens of Billions in black budget money each year, there is also over a trillion dollars of military spending to date that is simply unaccounted for - which has been the subject of Congressional investigations. However, a significant portion of government spending is relatively transparent. Solicitations are published online at www.fedbidopps.gov. The more sensitive solicitation details are on shielded behind a low level of security at www.fedteds.gov.

Spending by federal, state and county agencies has grown increasingly ominous since 9/11 with purchases of mass casuality decontamination trailers, biological warfare command vehicles, silencers for military assualt rifles by city and county law enforcement, large orders of ammunition, construction of 'camps', etc.

The purchasing done at the Army's Dugway proving grounds west of Salt Lake City in Utah is no exception and paints a picture that everyone should pay heed to. With its facilities expanded and security increased, something more sinister may be going on at the huge facility. In recent years the facility has undertaken a rapid program to produce large amounts of biological and chemical weapons it has no legitimate use for.

Ssolicitations have been issued for:

  • fermentors to produce very large batches of bacteria
  • mobile cremation units
  • frozen sheep to test the cremation units
  • technical assistance for creating a wide range of lethal biological and chemical agents

Recent solicitations include upgrades to the Chemical Cloud Tracking equipment they use to detect chemical cloud composition through infrared light.

Dugway's official mission is to test US and Allied biological & chemical defense systems, perform nuclear, biological, chemical survivable testing of defense material and provide support to chemical and biological weapons conventions. It is located just east of the Nevada border approximately 80 miles west-southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah in Tooele County on 798,855 acres of desert between three mountain ranges.

With a long history of corruption, deceit and deliberate release of biological and chemical weapons, the facility needs close monitoring. Former Dugway biological safety officer, Dr. Gerhard Bienek, claims that supervisors disregarded security protocols, lied in reports or presented conflicting information about anthrax and other weapons-grade germs and chemicals during his tenure at Dugway. Yet, in 2005 a Republican Senate committee turned down a proposal that would have provided oversight to operations at Dugway Proving Ground.

It wasn't until 2002 that the military admitted to deliberately and secretly exposing 5,842 members of the armed services to active biological and chemical agents during 21 tests during the 60's which were conducted at sea. The victims of the tests were denied any medical compensation until recently, well after most of them had already died from the military's deliberate assault on them.

Investigations have revealed that up to 1969 Dugway conducted at least 1,174 open-air tests of chemical agents spreading nearly a half million pounds of nerve agent to the winds. 328 open-air germ warfare tests were conducted, plus 74 radiological "dirty bomb" tests and the equivalent of eight intentional meltdowns of small nuclear reactors. In 1968 a release of VX nerve gas killed 6,400 sheep in Utah’s Skull Valley.

Open air testing was supposed to have been halted in 1969. The fact that the facility has greatly expanded its capabilities to produce biological and chemical agents raises concern because only small amounts of the material could possibly be required for developing protective measures. After 60 years of testing more than enough is now known for protection against bio & chemical agents. Computer simulations can be used for new applications not covered in previous decades of research.

One of the deadly agents housed at Dugway is anthrax, described in the Bible as one of God's plagues. It has the ability to survive as a spore for decades before finding its way into a host. As a skin infection, anthrax forms black, bacteria-oozing patches that can cover an entire limb, but it’s most deadly in the lungs. Infections from inhaling spores begin like a mild case of the flu that continues until the sudden onset of troubled breathing, when it’s often too late to stop. The skin turns bluish and a victim’s chest swells as anthrax spores, activated in the warmth of the lungs, begin to reproduce, widening a gap behind the breastbone and causing massive bleeding inside the chest cavity. Ultimately, the bacteria spread through the blood to the rest of the body, resulting in shock and death in two to three days.

“There is a very blurry line between offense and defense when it comes to germ warfare,” said Salt Lake City Dugway watchdog Steve Erickson, director of the Citizens Education Project.

The Army has no legitimate or legal use for thousands of liters of anthranx. Therefore, it must plan to use the agents in open-air testing or is ramping up to produce actual weapons.

The activities at Dugway are only part of a massive increase in spending on biological and chemical warfare research. A cursory review of Bush’s 2007 budget request shows $7 billion in bioterror funding. That compares with about $750 million spent before 9/11. If “black budget” spending is included, the US is already spending up to $8 billion per year on bio & chemical weapons.

The bioterrorism build-up began one month after the 9/11 attacks, when envelopes containing anthrax were mailed to Congress and Bush requested $1.5 billion in counter-bioterrorism funding. The envelopes contained not anthrax created by some foreign power or terrorist cell but bacteria from US labs. It was determined that the anthrax was a militarized anthrax strain developed at Fort Deitrick, Maryland. The US defense industry had become America's new worst enemy and was using terrorism to extort billions of dollars in taxpayers money. Instead of cutting funding to the enemy or investigating the case the military was simply given a massive increase in funding as demanded.

The international Biological Weapons Convention bans development of biological weapon agents and methods of delivery. The US has started construction on new National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center within the National Interagency Biodefense Campus at Fort Detrick, Maryland. The new facility will “acquire, grow, modify, store, stabilize, package [and] disperse” biological weapons. Other official plans include development of genetically-modified versions of deadly bacteria.

James Leonard, former chief American negotiator of the Biological Weapons Convention, has warned that US actions could be interpreted as “development” of biological weapons in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention. Scientific groups opposed to portions of the biodefense effort include Physicians for Social Responsibility and the Council for Responsible Genetics. Even the conservative National Academy of Sciences calls the US efforts to make more deadly germs “concerning” - because they might give terrorists ideas.

As a rogue state which has violated international law to invade other countries and imprisons and tortures people it doesn't like, it is not unthinkable that the US would also engage in the illegal manufacture and use of biological and chemical weapons. It is also not unthinkable that the US would stage biological attacks against its own population as a pretext to wage war on another country. The US no longer observes or abides by many international laws or even its own laws. When one considers the fact that the US government has consistently lied about its weapons programs and has shown itself willing to test weapons on its own people, the present activities at Dugway and other locations become even more frightful.

Overtly expanding a bio-chem weapons program will only cause other countries to do the same in a new deadly arms race and create the very threat that the US claims that it is defending against.

Disposing of previously manufactured bio & chemical weapons has cost US taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars that could have instead gone to schools, roads, healthcare & jobs. Millions of pounds of chemical weapons were simply dumped into the ocean and still pose a grave risk. Just as the current generation is paying for the mistakes of previous ones, future generations will have to pay for the new round of insanity.

It is well past the time that Americans should wake up and realize that the greatest threat to their life and liberty is their own government, not some non-existent foreign threat. Failure to gain control over the government can only result in the utlimate demise of everything that Americans hold dear.