The Silence of the Sheep

America is ruled by a vicious criminal gang that has stolen billions, murdered millions and is hell-bent on global domination. Guilty of war crimes and the highest treason these thugs should be in season. Yet, with an army of willing minions they have cast a spell over us all and no one dares utter the truth.

We, the American people, eagerly await the daily disinformation. Most of us actually believe what we are told and wear true-blockers to keep out those harmful rays of reality. Dumbed down by food that belongs in a hazardous waste dump, pumped full of social engineering and hooked up to the cell phone grid, we are automatons online for a brave new world order.

Consumers are what they call us. And as long as we can get can easy credit and cheap stuff we will keep consuming until there is nothing left to consume or consume with.

Our ignorance and apathy carries a high price. Consider the following:

  • The collapse of the stock market bubble in 2000 was created by insiders - an estimated $15 trillion was transferred from citizens to the ruling elite.
  • The attacks of 911 were orchestrated by the US government & ruling elite and predicted in advance by Russia.
  • Saddam Hussein was always a CIA controlled asset. The man in captivity is one of his brainwashed doubles.
  • The military has continually failed to provide sufficient body armor, armored vehicles, gun lubricant or even tourniquets to save soldiers lives who are fired upon by Iraq freedom fighters.
  • Of the 1500 US soldiers killed in Iraq most were killed after Bush said that the war was over.
  • The justification for the US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan was all lies. It was all planned well in advance and for the purpose of expanding the criminal corporate empire.
  • Al-Queda is a CIA run operation and always has been.
  • The single greatest threat to world peace and democracy is the United States.
  • The destruction and looting of Iraq has so far cost US taxpayers $200 billion, yet the thugs in the White House said that the entire operation would only cost $1.7 billion.
  • The real death toll in Iraq by US hands is close to 2 million - almost all civilians and over half children.

Want to wash the blood from your hands and rinse the lies from your ears & eyes?

      1. Stop watching TV and listening to mainstream radio.
      2. Avoid mainstream movies.
      3. Eat organically grown, GMO free fruits, vegetables, grains & legumes. Drink clean water (reverse osmosis filtered or distilled) and never tap water.
      4. Never use a cell phone or cordless phone. Don't setup a wireless network in your home.
      5. Learn Quantum Touch, Qigong and/or Brain Respiration.
      6. Read this website and others like it.
      7. Think for yourself. Listen to your heart and soul.