Tough times are ahead. Of this there can be no doubt or escape. We are reaping what we have sown and much will be lost as a result.

We have polluted and destroyed most of our planet. Nearly half of the Earth's forest are gone. 20% of freshwater species are extinct or threatened with extinction. 70% of the ocean's creatures eaten by humans have been wiped out. Humans have caused the greatest extinction of life in 65 million years and the most rapid rate of extinction the Earth has ever experienced.

Every corner of the globe is contaminated with the by-products of our mindless consumer driven lifestyles. Disease is epidemic in most countries. Life expentancy is decreasing in many countries. In industrialized countries obesity is the norm and IQ levels are dropping rapidly. Americans consume double the resources of Europeans and 7 times the resources as people in Asia and Africa.

A UN report released February 2, 2007 warns that human activity is most likely the cause of global warming and that if the temperature continues to increase all life on Earth could perish. The indisputable fact is that every life system on Earth is in decline.

We have empowered greedy and evil people to take control of our governments, schools, religions and corporations. Global fascism is just around the corner. Criminal corporations are busy patenting food staples and contaminating the DNA of food crops so that they can control the food supply and create even greater famine.

If you doubt any of this then please take the time to research the facts and continue reading once you have educated yourself.

Are we doomed to become extinct just like the countless other species we have destroyed? Given our destructive nature wouldn't that be the best thing for the planet?

We don't have to be mindless parasites. Humans can live in harmony with their surroundings without going back to the stone-age. Every problem has a ready solution, however, greed, corruption, apathy and sheer stupidity make it unlikely that change will come quickly enough to prevent the coming depopulation. Will you change?

You can reduce your participation in the insanity and increase your chances of survival by making a few changes. Following are the essential steps to decreasing the destructive impact of your life on the planet and increasing your chances of surviving the future.

1. Go Vegan
Human food consumption is the single greatest causes of Earth's destruction and adopting a plant-based diet is the single most powerful thing you can do. Americans feed 70% of their grain to animals who live in unimaginable pain and suffering and then kill them and eat their diseased and tortured bodies. The grain fed to animals to produce meat for one person could feed ten people. The industry of death for human consumption is responsible for most deforestation, usage of freshwater and pollution of remaining groundwater. Raising one cow in the US consumes 284 gallons of oil in the process.

If humans switched to a healthy plant based diet up to 70% of agricultral land could be reforested, enough to mitigate and perhaps even reverse global warming.

After smoking, diet is the primary cause of disease in industrialized countries. Pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals are concentrated in animal flesh and milk. As food becomes more processed and more contaminated from chemicals and foreign DNA it will become even more unhealthy.

Quantum physicists and parapsychologists have discovered that everything in our world is a manifestation of energy. Physicists also say that energy can't be destroyed, only converted from one form to another. Information is a form of energy and it has recently been established that information can't be destroyed. Once something has existed an energetic record of it continues to exist, even if a physical record is destroyed. Remote viewing proves this concept. Remote viewers can access information independent of time and space. They can view events and even the thoughts and feelings of a person long dead and gone.

Imagine the energetic impact of torturing tens of billions of animals each year and then brutally killing them. Emotions have energy, thoughts have energy. Animals have much the same emotions as humans, a sense of self and the capacity to experience love. How much negative energy is produced when we torture animals? Where does all that negative energy go? What is the impact on the human body and mind?

Spirit entities are also a reality. While elusive, their presence can be measured and recorded. They have even communicated specific messages under laboratory conditions. Negative entities feed off of negative energy. So, if we are producing enormous amounts of negative energy are we feeding and causing the growth of negative entities? Absolutely. The growth of evil is a direct result of human eating habits.

There is no nutritional requirement for most humans to eat the flesh of other beings. People live long and healthy lives on a plant-based diet. Our bodies are designed for it. While native peoples who live in the arctic have adapted over thousands of years to a diet of primarily flesh, most humans suffer negative health effects from such a diet. When the human body is compared to other animals, it is apparent that we were not designed to be carnivores.

Given that McDonalds restaurant was founded by a confessed satanist, is it any wonder that the restaurant refuses to sell vegi-burgers even though customers demand it? Why is it that meat is often the cheapest food available yet the most expensive to produce?

2. Go Organic
70% of the food sold in grocery stores is made of potentially dangerous genetically engineered ingredients. The ingredients have not been tested for safety and the inserted gene sequences are unstable and create unpredictable effects. Food related disease is sky-rocketing. The diseases caused by genetic engineering can't be detected or treated. People are dying from genetically engineered organisms. Pigs fed a diet of genetically engineered corn are becoming sterile and getting cancer.

Pesticides and herbicides are chemical poisons that contaminate food, insects, animals and the entire planet. Many of the chemicals used on food are known to cause a wide range of disease, including cancer.

If you aren't eating organically grown food, you share in the responsibility for the death and destruction caused by chemical farming and are polluting your body and opening yourself up to deadly diseases that there are no cures for.

3. Avoid Mass Media
Most television, movies, radio and even newspapers are carefully designed tools of social engineering. In other words, your TV and radio is brainwashing you. Your thoughts and feelings are being influenced by western mass media to support a dark reality.

Have you ever wondered why there is so little good news reported? Why are the deaths of US soldiers reported continually but the number of America's victims never mentioned? Why are Israelies never called terrorists or zionists?

You can't have a good grasp of reality or engage in independent thinking if you are subjecting yourself to the daily mind control of mass media.

4. Never Use a Cell Phone
It is an irrefutable fact that using a cell phone causes damage to your brain. Long-term usage increases the damage and risk of fatal disease. If you use a cell phone it opens the blood-brain barrier and allows toxins into your brain that would never reach the brain otherwise. The microwave radiation from a cell phone damages DNA and interrupts communication between neurons. The symptoms caused by the damage include memory loss, rage, depression, numbness, headaches, etc. Prolonged use can cause tumors and dementia.

5. Consume Less
Reduce the amount that you drive, use public transportation when possible, use a more fuel effecient vehicle. Move closer to work or work from home if you can. Walk or ride a bike more. Do the simple things like using compact florescent bulbs and insulating your house better, turn down the thermostat in winter and turn it up in summer. Eat lower on the food chain and buy in bulk. Avoid processed foods. Don't drink sugar drinks. Get your information from the Internet and don't buy newspapers or magazines. Buy used books or get them from the library instead of buying new ones. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose.

6. Envision and Create a Better Future
Thoughts have real power. Princeton's Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) Lab spent 25 years trying to disprove that the mind influenced matter. They tried everything they could to prove that the phenomenon was something else and finally had to conclude what many scientists now accept as fact - mind has influence on the energy underlying matter. What you think has an impact. Choose to opt-out of the mass insanity that exists in front of the television every night. Read about solutions, think about solutions, create solutions in your own life. Become a solutions person rather than just another mindless parasite destroying it's host.

7. Learn Quantum Touch of Qigong
Quantum Touch (QT) is a simple and easy to learn method of managing quantum energy that can produce miraculous results. It is best learned by attending a course or watching the video workshop. The technique is very simple:

  1. Breath energy in through your body and up into your head. Imagine that your head is an energy balloon.
  2. Breath the energy out through your hands to the spot that needs to be healed.

Quantum Touch works best when practiced from one person to another, however, you can successfuly use QT on yourself. When working on your internal organs you can move the energy internally to the spot that needs attention. Moving the energy down the spin can have amazing results. You can also use QT to program water for healing by mearly holding a glass of water in your hands and running energy into it. For more info. visit or the

Qigong is also a valuable energy management technique but is more complex and can take longer to learn. Reiki is more of a physical energy and not as effective as QT or Qigong.

8. Heal Your Past
Many of us are burdened by negative events from the past. To a great degree, who a person is today is determined by their past. However, the past can be healed, the slate wiped clean and fundamental transformation can occur. Many traumatic experiences can be released by simply remembering them and consciously letting them go. Sometimes hypnotic regression can be very effective, although there are very few competent hypnotherapist and great care should be used in selecting one. Memories can be stored in different parts of the body and released through massage or energy work such as Quantum Touch or Qigong. Meditation is essential in releasing the grip of past experiences.

9. Love Youself and Love All Others
Simply defined, love is caring. Our world suffers from a profound lack of love - a lack of caring. If we cared, we wouldn't do the stupid things we do and the world would be a better place. People don't care because of lack of love - lack of love for themselves and others. If you can't love yourself you can't love others and others will find it more difficult to love you. So, love yourself and then love everyone else, including animals and other beings.

Dark times are upon us. We need as many bright lights as possible to see our way through the darkness and to a better future. Join us as we stand up for truth and compassion and intelligence.

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