National UFO Reporting Center Covering up Real Sightings?

It seems many people are catching pictures of UFOs in Trout Lake, Washington. There are people on the other side of Mt. Adams which are having the same experiences we are having. The evidence is overwhelming yet why does the UFO Reporting center with Peter Davenport say there is no activity in the area. The elk abduction happened on the back side of Mt Adams. He reported the experience with 14 eyewitnesses yet moved it over to Raineer. Kenneth Arnold lost sight of the UFOs when they descended on the western slopes of Mt Adams. Dr J. Allen Hynek researched Mt. Adams. Greg Long, David Ackers, Bill Voguel, Forest Rangers and Fire Tower Operators, Tribal Police and literally thousands of people have seen UFOs in the area.

It is one of the most documented UFO hotspots in the area. According to Peter Davenport there are no UFOs, there never have been and we are seeing nothing other than meteors and satellites. Peter, after confronted by many conference coordinators and talk show hosts refuses to change his story without one shred of evidence to back up his assumptions. He has publicly made slanderous statements concerning the character of anyone involved with the ongoing UFO activity near Mt. Adams. With an overwhelming amount of evidence proving the contary Peter continues to hold fast on a disinformation campaign trying to disuade anyone from doing their own investigation and trying to block the information from the public.

Top physicists and UFO researchers have visited the Gilliland Ranch and have personally seen the ships and have gone on record. Astrophysicists, Nuclear Physicists, Biophysicists, Air Force design engineers, traffic control people and others with degrees far surpassing Peters education. We are recieving many complaints from people who have had legitimate sightings that were ridiculed when trying to give a report. One has to ask the obvious question.

What happened to the National UFO Reporting Center? How can they claim to be legitimate when their files are corrupt and they ridicule people trying to report legitimate sightings? How can they claim to be a
reporting center when they do not report, an investigator when they do not investigate? In fact how can they be taken seriously at all with such a long history of being at least unprofessional, at most part of the disinformation.

It is time for a new reporting center, one that does not change reports, move sightings, block information from getting out to the public and ridicule fragile people excited about their first experience, not to mention the host of others who know Trout Lake is one of the main UFO hotspots in the world.

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Comments from some nutcase:

The National UFO Reporting Center has never been more than a black-hole where actual sightings disappear and bogus sightings appear from Peter Davenport's butt - just as MUFON is no more than a govt. intelligence operation to gather information and identify real abductees so it can abduct them to pump their brains and program them to gather info. for the military.

Radio personalities like Art Bell, George Noory and Jeff Rense have never been more than disinformation flunkies. Virtually every prominent UFO researcher is under the control of the powers that be. Those that don't accept the control are eliminated, just as John Mack was eliminated.

It is time to wake up and smell the disinformation and accept that American's do not live in a free and open society and probably haven't for many decades. It is time to stop pretending that mass media is anything more than a tool for those who control the country and are out to control the world.

Information is suppressed about UFOs and aliens because the govt. formed an alliance with them a long time ago and wants to keep the fact hidden. It wants to keep the locations of the underground alien-military bases hidden. At the same time it wants people to believe that evil aliens may some day invade and pose a threat to humans so that it can stage an alien invasion after they have worn out the 'terrorist' boogie-man and people realize that the terrorist bases have always been in Washington, DC and Tel Aviv. The alien invasion has already happened and those in positions of power sold out their species to the aliens in exchange for a place in the post-human world.

For the record, there are numerous underground alien/military bases in the US. Following are some of the ones we have personal experience with or knowledge of.

There was one on Tejon Ranch north of Los Angeles run by Northrop Grumman which connects to a larger facility that extends all the way north to Bakersfield area. Residents in Arvin report seeing UFOs flying out of the side of the nearby mountains. Northrop Grumman does not list their underground facilities on their website. Many people who work in the LA TV and film industries are abducted and taken to the facility for programming. There is a short landing strip with a doors that open into a vertical shaft. The area is protected by cloaked soldiers who have been genetically engineered specifically for the job. Going near the facility will most likely result in abduction, torture and programming. This facility is likely connected to many others in California and Nevada. It is much better to fly over the area as the airspace is not restricted. If you go by land be sure to take a few extra people along and leave them safely behind you and in continuous radio or cell phone contact.

A huge alien facility extends deep under western Colorado and eastern Utah but there are very few surface entrances. One entrance used to be on the Northern Ute reservation near Dead Horse Canyon but it was sealed back in the 70's. It is likely that an entrance exists at Dugway Proving Ground west of Salt Lake City next to the Nevada border. The facility has security approaching the highest levels reserved only for those bases with nuclear or alien technology. On the southeast corner of the base there is a place where you can climb up on a hill just outside the perimeter fence and look down into the base with a telescope. However, they will know you are there immediately and aren't likely to bring out the alien technology if someone is watching. Efforts are being made to take over the land around the base to prevent anyone from being able to see into it.

Contrary to the defense dept. disinformation rag Popular Mechanics, and other disinformation pieces, there is no Area 51 in eastern Utah at the old White Sands missle base in Greenriver. That facility is mothballed and used for storage by the town of Greenriver. However, east of Green River and northwest of Cisco there is a landing strip which has no real road connecting it. It is possible that the landing strip was built for other purposes such as fire fighting and has no connection to underground alien bases. A large 'mother' ship is seen often over this area emitting and taking in orange transport pods which go into the surrounding cliffs and mountains. One entrance exists west of Grand Junction near the Utah border somewhere around Glade Park, although the exact location is not known. 'Black ops' soldiers have been seen frequently in the area. Convoys of military vehicles have also been seen entering the bookcliffs NE of Grand Junction.

West of Glade Park, Colorado, there are three large concrete 'quonset hut' type structures and concrete blocks that were built by the govt. in the 70s. The official explanation is that the structures were constructed to test conventional explosives. However, the evidence suggests that the facility was part of a large-scale siesmography operation that may have been done in conjuction with underground nuclear explosions near Rulison, Colorado. It is possible that they were trying to map the underground alien base by sending powerful shockwaves through the ground. There is simply no reason to go to the middle of nowhere to test conventional explosives when the military already has numerous locations where such tests are conducted. The site west of Glade Park would have been chosen because of it's location and underlying geological structures.

In eastern Colorado there is an underground base that extends from DIA airport all the way south into New Mexico. Reptilians from the base have been seen several times near the Black Forest northeast of Colorado Springs. Cattle mutiliations conducted by them have been going on in the region since the mid 70's. There is a northern supply entrance located at 34501 East Quincy Avenue southeast of Aurora on land formerly owned by the Air Force and currently owned by Autoliv. This facility used to connect to the pneumatic robotic subway when it was owned by OEA Aerospace. The last time we checked, the facility had military security yet is run by a civilian company that supposedly manufactures air bag actuators. If you want to see for yourself check out the warehouse with the loading dock. There is way too much going into the small building and very little coming out. The parking lot holds more cars than there is space for personnel. A friend who applied for a job there said that there must be an underground facility because there simply wasn't enough above ground space to hold all the workers represented by the cars in the parking lot. The underground portion was built in the late 70s when the property was still part of Lowry Air Force bombing range. Local residents tell how cement trucks were lined up 24 hours/day for weeks as massive amounts of concrete was poured underground.

Northwest of the Quincy Avenue facility is the mysterious Buckley Air Force base. Buckley is mysterious because there are so many covered antennae at the base, even before it was taken over by the Air Force from the National Guard. Apparently the base has long conducted space operations and intelligence gathering for the NSA and NRO.

Southeast of the Autoliv facility there were old Titan nuclear missle silos which were active in the 60's but are now deactivated and on private property. When an attempt was made to visit the base near Quincy Road back in the 80's, a sheriff appeared within minutes to arrest those who had crossed the fence that wasn't posted with no-trespassing signs. Another old missle base is west of the tiny town of Elbert - a hot-spot for cattle mutilations and UFO sightings.

There is an alliance between globalists-satanists-zionists-aliens. Their intent is to establish a global police state, de-populate the earth of humans and repopulate it with alien-human hybrids. No, this isn't an X-Files story, although the X-Files did reveal a lot of previously hidden information which was intentionally spread by the alliance in order to defuse the interest in such info. and to control the info.. It is a standard intelligence tactic to leak part of the info. you don't want people to know in such a way that if the actual info. is revealed people will merely associate it with the bogus leaked info. The way our reality works is on data-points in the matrix. Whoever first exposes new info. creates a datapoint and can thus control the info. by controlling the datapoint.

The depopulation has already started. Chem-trails, microwave networks (cell phones & wireless internet), and contaminated food and water are being used to weaken the immune systems of humans so that when the next designer virus is unleashed it will kill large numbers of people.

There are also good aliens and other entities that may intervene, however, humans would have to awaken from their stupor enough to justify their survival. As it is, the continuation of the human species can't be justified from a planetary perspective. We are mindless parasites on the planet and have already caused the extinction of a large number of species. We engage in activities that we know causes damage to ourselves, each other and the planet. We feast on violence and lurid stupidity. We are devout believers in the most ridiculous fables and are willing to kill each other because their insanity differs only slightly from our own.

In the last 50 years we have de-evolved to being the most destructive force on the planet and in many ways the least intelligent. We have proven that we don't deserve to exist on the planet and while we were busy shopping at Wal-mart and eating at McDonalds our planet has been taken from us and our own extinction engineered.

It is time for each of us to evolve and justify our existence. It is time to stop eating our planet to death and stop polluting it. We must stop getting our daily dose of brain-washing from TV, radio and print. It is time to give up the limiting belief systems that the overlord aliens have thrust upon on us for so long.