High Strangeness in Utah - What is it? Part 1

When Bob White saw a UFO in eastern Utah and recovered an object ejected by the UFO, he was able to obtain hard evidence of strangeness that has been experienced in the area for possibly thousands of years.

Eastern Utah has a long history of UFO sightings and other anomalous phenomenon. Petroglyphs which are estimated to be up to 2000 years old may document ancient sightings. Click on the images below to view larger images.

More Rock Art - http://www.eskimo.com/~noir/southwest/rockart/

Many people have seen a UFO in this area they call "The Mothership". The object is large with a white light on top, an orange/red light moving vertically and a blue/green light circling the craft. When the object is present, orange spheres are often seen coming from surrounding areas to enter and exit the larger object. Some people feel that the orange spheres are transport craft from surrounding underground bases. The orange spheres have been seen coming out of and going into canyon walls near Grand Junction, CO and other areas.

From a hiking register on a mountaintop near Moab, Utah - "I am a witness to a UFO sighting. My uncle Mark and Aunt Robin woke me up about 5:20 AM and saw a bright light on the mountain east of camp. Mark ran over to tent, woke me up, and I did see the light. It was flashing red and green lights. Now I'm a firm believer in the extraterrestrials....Jason, 22 yrs. old"

Stories are told of an abduction in this area of a military officer. He was driving along and the next thing he knew he was walking along the side of the road with no memory of what happened to him. He taken to a hospital in Moab where he told what he remembered. Once the military discovered his whereabouts he and all his medical records were picked up by military personnel. His auto was later seen being carried out of a canyon by military helicopter from an area with no roads.

More Utah UFO sightings - http://www.aliendave.com/Utah_Sightings.html

Secret Military Activity?
In and around Green River, Utah there are numerous old military buildings which were part of the White Sands - Green River, Missile Launch facility where they used to launch missiles to White Sands, New Mexico. From 1964 to 1973 the U.S. Air Force launched 141 Athena missiles a distance of more than 400 miles from Green River to White Sands in New Mexico as part of the Defense Department's Advanced Ballistic Re-entry Systems (ABRES) program. Tracked by radar as they re-entered the atmosphere, the Athena missiles conducted research intended to improve and protect the warheads of nuclear missiles. Green River also hosted live firing exercises of the Army's Pershing missiles until 1974.

An interesting article about the launch facility can be found at: http://www.lib.utah.edu/digital/greenriver/pdf/spaceflight2.pdf

In the June 1997 issue of Popular Mechanics an article about Area 51/Groom Lake claimed that the activities at Area 51 had been possibly relocated to the facility in Green River. Had the author bothered to actually go there he would have found that the facility had been abandoned long ago and would not be a good location for any type of secret government activity since it is in plain view of interstate highway 70. However, the article had its desired effect and to this day many people claim that Area 51 was moved to a secret military base in eastern Utah. There are military bases in Utah but not in eastern Utah.

Read what the people at White Sands, NM have to say about the article - http://www.wsmr.army.mil/paopage/Pages/rang3.htm

A more likely location for any secret military activity would be at Dugway Proving Grounds west of Salt Lake City near the Nevada border. The facility has very tight security and comes alive at night with all kinds of strange lights. The black triangles seen in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico would be more likely to come from such a facility. However, the facility is visible from nearby hills, although it takes a strong telescope to see much of the nearly 800,000 acres. Dugway Proving Ground's official mission is chemical and biological weapons defense and it is under control of the Army's Developmental Test Command.

Other Dimensions?
North of Thompson Springs is a very desolate area called the Tavaputs Plateau. Much of the more isolated land is on the Northern Ute Indian Reservation. North of the reservation in the Uintah Basin is a ranch that was purchased by the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) where scientists have documented the presence of strange creatures and other anomalous phenomenon. The events reported on the property might be best attributed to some kind of interdimensional activity due to the fact that the creatures appear and disappear.

Retired Colonel, John Alexander, recently gave a presentation at the Ancient Earth Mysteries Conference entitled "Path of the Skinwalkers". The presentation discussed native american legends about Windigo and the scientific observations at the NIDS Ranch. On the ranch is a place called Skinwalker Ridge where many of the strange creatures have been seen. John Alexander is on the Advisory Board of NIDS.

Regarding Windigo (Bigfoot), Ray Owen, son of a Dakota spiritual leader from Prairie Island Reservation in Minnesota, told a reporter from (the) Red Wing (Minnesota) Republican Eagle, "They exist in another dimension from us, but can appear in this dimension whenever they have a reason to. See, it's like there are many levels, many dimensions. When our time in this one is finished, we move on to the next, but the Big Man can go between."

A radio DJ in Grand Junction, Colorado claimed that he saw a UFO simply come of out a hole in the sky before it emitted orange spheres which then vanished into the side of a mountain. A few minutes later an identical UFO, (or the same one) was videotaped by Tim Edwards in southern Colorado.

While parallel dimensions have historically been considered to exist only in the realm of the imagination, many physicists are now actively promoting the idea. Even mainstream publications such as Scientific American are publishing articles proposing the existence of parallel dimensions.


More Utah Strangeness to come...