Lilian's October Newsletter

Great for the outdoors, the ad said on TV, $10 will get you not one, but two BARK OFF's. It consists of a little I-pod-looking device giving off ultrasonic sounds, which somehow irritates your dog to shut up.

I love late night commercials, they make you think. Like walking into the local Dollar Store and buying all the things you don't need, maybe never use, even so, the trinkets seem to be important at the time you hand over the dollars at the Dollar Store. As I often do, I was up all night again, this night unable to sleep because I was struggling with the betrayal of a friend. I understand we should not take things too personal, humans are just that... HUMAN.. yet when betrayal strikes close to you, besides hurt and sadness it can also materialize anger, which is often misdirected and can linger for a long time. So, for about an hour each night I think about my friend and the betrayal, trying to understand and come to terms with my emotions.

The word Karma according to several dictionaries are rather complicated, so I will summarize in plain English. What goes around comes around.

I needed a new driver's license, so off to the Motor Vehicle Department I went. The Lady asked me if I was a twin or triplet. No, I am not. She asked me if I could see the red dot in the white box, no, I did not. She got rather frustrated when I removed my head from the contraption I was asked to look into, in order to look for the red dot in the white box. I informed her I saw a red dot inside of a frame-like setup, the frame was lit up and barely to the right about midway was the red dot. Same thing she bellowed at me. She was not happy with me for refusing to be a organ donor, until I explained I was too old and had all broken down stuff in my body, in need of repair, best I could do is donate my body to science. She said there was no slot for that. She wanted to know if anything interfered with me driving... asked for her to clarify the trick question. Did she mean the fact that I walk with a cane or the actual driving....I wanted to be truthful...It's all the same she said, so in my mind I concluded I have trouble walking and NOT driving and answered NO.

Had to remove my glasses before taking the pictures. Explained that was not a true image of me, since I sleep with my glasses on.

When the license arrived at my home I have red hair, no glasses and it has TWO pictures on it. A big one to the left and an identical little one to the right.

Sporting my new license, I met an acquaintance in Rochester at the Casino for lunch. It was out of the way for the acquaintance, about 50 miles. I had an appointment about 10 miles from Rochester, well.. I was about 20 miles from home, too.

On Monday is SENIOR DAY at the Lucky Eagle Casino. It's $4.99 all you can eat for lunch and $6.99 for dinner. Buses bring Seniors from all of the surrounding areas, drop them off about noon and return for them late in the afternoon.

I was in line when my acquaintance arrived. She had also invited her son.... a young man... we had a nice visit and a great lunch. Everything imaginable, chewable and digestible is lined up for consumption. The young man had chosen a few green and yellow beans, a piece of Prime Rib and one red potato.

We, on the other hand took an advantage of the selection of meats, fish, breads, veggies and desserts. I am sure the young man felt a bit out of place, so we talked about things of interest to him.

We talked about a new series aired on NBC, OUTLAW. It deals with a Supreme Court Justice, which was tired of the politics of the courts, quit his job and became a great defense lawyer and advocate for people, he thinks are innocent or mistreated by the system.

We talked about diets, aging and how the Russians have made great discoveries in the study in DNA, including the fact that not all of us are the same.
I know of cases where people's blood types changed over a period of time, which was documented in, but not limited to the United States.

We talked about the 2010 predictions we made and aired. Levees failing and the bizarre weather conditions. 113 degrees in Los Angeles and the extreme flips from hot to cold constantly in the Great North West. We talked about the floods traveling the world like a train, stopping at designated stations along the way. The contamination of the Gulf of Mexico did not disappear, instead it is making people ill, indiscriminately around the country. A Virus, which effects many people in different ways. We assume it is carried by the moisture in the air. I had brought along a copy of the Predictions 2011. The show has not aired yet, but is making the rounds on the Internet and some of the things predicted are already taking place.

We talked about how crazy politics has become, we were not of the same opinion... not even close.

I had two hours left before going to my dentist appointment and decided to stay at the Casino after my lunch companions left. Because I am unable to stand more than 1-1/2 minutes I had my walker with me. It allows me to sit, whenever I am unable to stand. I parked myself in front of the gift shop across from the wishing well. The place was buzzing. I could still see a steady line of seniors waiting for their lunch. Waitresses rushing through the hallway with trays full of beverages, very skillfully avoiding us slow pokes in different areas by the ever opening automatic door.

I watched as people walked by me, trying to reconstruct their postures and faces to their younger days. Some of the Ladies wore make-up to cover their wrinkles, some were natural, some struggled with the way they moved about. Some had a man on their arm, not sure who was holding up who, either way, it was a sight.

A lady sat on the bench next to my walker to rest for a bit. She was trying to grow hair, it appeared she lost her hair to Chemo. Her ankles were swollen terribly, her feet stuffed into checkered Converse tennis shoes. She was dripping in gold. I assumed her to be European, since it is rather common to wear all your jewelry on your person. A left over from the war, since gold, silver and precious stones can be used for bartering for food, housing, medicine and bribes. It is useless if you can't get to it.

As she fumbled with her purse she complained about the ATM refusing to use her cash card. I explained to her that I saw a story on TV, just the day before, where some holier-than-thou person complained to the government about people cashing checks and using their Government Entitlement cash cards at the Casino. It was thought they would gamble with the money. In truth, the Casino does not charge for cashing checks or using the ATM, so the old folks get cash for their sometimes once a day meals and cash for whatever else they need. Food is so plentiful and the varieties of steak, salmon and other expensive items no one can afford to buy and cook at home. Transportation is free and the old folks socialize while taking care of their meager demands.
She thought it was totally out of line for the government to instruct the owners of the ATM to convert the machines and no longer take her EBE/Social Security Cash Card. I agree.

People work all of their life for their entitlements and should be able to cash their money where, when and as they please, in fact they should be able to decorate the bathroom with it, if they so choose. I asked if she could write me a check, I offered to cash it for her, so she could have a little cash in her pocket. she thanked me and I did.

A Native recognized me and gestured for me to follow him. We sat in the Cocktail Lounge, sipping on a Cappuccino and talked for a bit. He asked if I was still experiencing dual realities and if so, how to deal with it.

More and more, especially since I have to stay in bed more often because of my back problems... do I find myself in an in-between space. Not sleep, an in-between place. Occasionally, especially when sitting in my chair to watch TV or write articles, it appears I am somewhere else. My memories, emotions and senses are in the story I am living and ONLY WHEN I realize I am not there, that this is a place in the present... I return to real time. At that point I am unable to remember where it is I just came back from.

Many people want to learn how to astral project and leave their body. When I was still on the lecture circuit I gave a talk, How To Be Human In A World That Is Shifting, in which I explained that when "leaving" is not done in an appropriate and reasonable way it can create very serious problem. I wanted to give people the tools to stay in their bodies and function as humans on the Planet Earth.

My friend asked me if I thought I was experiencing past life memories and I thought I was not, it is rather some type of inter-dimensional experience, like being in 2 places at the same time. It has been said people see me at different locations when I am in that state. We thought it might have something to do with the approaching 2012. A shift in consciousness. A person of Mayan decent was telling me there is talk of a second calendar under one of the South American Pyramids. The material is in a language neither of us understand and I am unable to verify at this time. My friend excuses himself for a moment and returns with the tribal newsletter. He starts talking about the unusual weather, I tell him what I saw in the predictions and he states that FEMA has already arrived, because of the severity of the approaching winter. A first. FEMA always takes time to arrive after a problem.

I mentioned having seen the signs all over the neighboring town to prepare for a harsh winter and lots of storms and flooding. I assumed it to be advertisement, my friend shakes his head no, indicating this to be the truth. He pushes the paper over to my side of the table, careful as not to set my ashtray on fire by my burning cigarette. "READ", he said.

A Chehalis Legend: The Story of the Flood - Submitted by Elaine McCloud, Heritage Coordinator (Chehalis Tribal Archives - Unknown Author)

A long time ago, the animals and birds lived as people. Thrush wanted to marry a certain young girl, but her parents did not approve of him. The young girl, however, wished to marry him. The girl persisted and finally her parents gave their consent. Thrush and the young girl were married.

Thrush always had a dirty face; he never washed before he ate. His mother-in-law asked him "Why don't you wash your face?" Thrush did not answer. The next morning she asked again "Why don't you wash your face?" It's getting dirty." Thrush once again did not reply. She asked him the same question for 5 days in a row.

Finally on the 5th day, Thrush said "If I wash my face, something will happen." Nevertheless, his wife's parents still insisted. Then they gave him an ultimatum. "If you don't wash your face, we'll take our daughter away from you." So Thrush finally gave in, "All right then, I'll wash my face.

He went to the river to wash his face and sang, "Father-in-law, Mother-in-law, Keep moving back from the river."
He washed his face. The dirt rolled off, leaving his face streaked all over. Then it began to rain. It rained all day.

Thrush told his in-laws, "Move back from the river. I washed my face as you asked."

The river continued to rise. It rained many days and nights. Soon there were no places for the people to stand but in the water. The water rose and covered everything. There was no place for them to go. Many drifted away and were never seen again.
Thrush, his wife and his in-laws landed their canoe on this side of the land, in Upper Chehalis country. There was only the top of one tall fir tree sticking out of the water. And that is where the People tied their canoe.

They got together and planned what they should do next. They agreed that someone needed to dive in the water and see how deep it was. Muskrat dove into the water and came up with some dirt. He dove down into the water 5 times. Each time he brought up some dirt. From the dirt, he made a little mountain. He told the People to land there, that they would be safe. He told the People "This is the mountain that I have made for you so that you can be safe". The People called that mountain Tiger Lily Mountain. It is known today as Black Mountain.

After the water receded and the earth dried up, the earth was found to be covered with dried whales (fossils). At Gate, not far from Mima Prairie, the earth still remains in the shape of the waves. It extends like this for 4 or 5 miles.

After the water subsided, the earth was just like new and the People could begin all over again. It was said "There shall never again be a person who will cause a flood when he washes his face. Thrush turned into a bird and flew away.

In case you wondering why it floods so much, he smiled. He then pointed to the next headline: Homeowner's Tips on preparation for the 2010-11 winter weather.

The 2010-11 Winter forecast is predicted to be one of the worst in Pacific Northwest history, according to Charles Wallace, Deputy Director of Emergency Management for Grays Harbor County. La Nina has definitely taken a hold in the Pacific waters, which indicates a harsh winter in the North West.

Winter survival in the North and Midwest depends on proper winter maintenance of the home. Neglecting or putting off cold weather and storm preparations present a dangerous safety hazard.

Well, kids are back in school, got to go, if you figure out your being in two stories at the same time , come see me. I don't want to be in the grip of winter, if there is another reality where it is nice and warm. My Cappuccino partner smiled and left.

Returned to my previous spot across from the wishing well. A very slim man sat on the bench, I smiled and admired the perfect mustache. Lack of estrogen the man said in a voice of an angel. Oops, it is a lady. She was very gracious about my mistake, we chatted about who people were, how we liked to pretend to sit in Paris in a sidewalk cafe, just people watching. How many old people there are in the area, how many will not be with us next week, the circle of life, the vibrancy of the young, the devotion of our friends and mates and the conversation with a stranger. I noticed as a man walked by all with a cane...all stooped over. I stopped him and advised him to raise his cane to hip-level to save himself some pain. He let out a sigh, as he walked so much better and had less pain. By now a couple of men with walkers stood there wanting to know if the same applied to walkers. I nodded yes. Somehow a line formed, I became the ADJUSTMENT LADY. Before it was all said and done I adjusted 87 walkers and canes in total. The buses came and they all rushed out rather quickly with their new found height, turned their heads and waved good-bye.

I rushed off myself, remembering I had a dentist appointment. A new Doctor was there, and I explained that it took me 8 month to get an appointment, since no one had any idea as to what to do with me after my dilemma with the jaw problems after the Reclast procedure. He gave me a thorough examination, and asked what and how I ate. Told him I was able to eat everything except mushrooms and raw onions without my teeth.

Yep, I see the problem, he said. I have never seen anything like it. Your gums are NOT teeth. You cannot use your gums as teeth. Now I have seen it all... You have GUMSIES.

After getting an OK from the insurance company he has offered to build me a contraption, so I can chew without using the calluses I have developed on my gums. Because I am a Scorpio, do not take no for an answer, do not know defeat and eat as if nothing has changed, never thought about the possibility my jaw could fall off. ( Disintegrate)

My cat is picky, she is spoiled, she only eats what she likes, when she likes. I was frustrated with her when she continued begging for something I did not have.

I suggested she learn HUMAN. She rolled on the floor like she was performing a trick in the circus. I knew what she wanted, CATNIP.

On the way home a woman flipped her car in a ROUNDABOUT.

They claim to have found a pill for PTSD....

If we can electronically stop a dog from barking, a cat can figure out how by rolling on the floor to ask for Cosmic Catnip, just to be on the safe side...I will NOT wash my face this winter and maybe the rivers will not rise.

Love and Light

PS This is for those not familiar with the Pacific Northwest
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