Lilian's September 2011 Newsletter

Somewhere in my neighborhood is a dog, which reacts to Geometric disturbances. He howls, sometimes I am not sure if he is a dog. Several miles from where I live is a sanctuary for wolfs. I talked to someone there, they were not aware of any of their animals behaving in this fashion. I took it upon myself to monitor the reaction of the creature for about six weeks. Myself, having extremely good hearing, drove to the starting points of where I can hear sirens and loud traffic. We clocked it at 1.3 miles in either direction. I will hear sirens and traffic before the animal does, henceforth checking on causes other than environmental occurrences. Many solar flares and the following geometric disturbances which follow seemed to have been the reason for the distress in the neighborhood dog/wolf. Several years ago I experienced days when I heard what I thought were idling fire engines, except facts did not support that theory and eventually a scientist friend, Bill Ramsey, was able to verify that what I heard was actually the planet Mercury right before it changed it's position. Needless to say, we made a joke of it, that besides me hearing flies coming down the hallway and single snow flakes hitting the window, I also hear the planets turn. Except...Mercury was turning in the month of August and many major solar flares were causing havoc with everything from weather to the electrical systems on the planet.

Another explanation possibly to apply is a metaphysical explanation, so we tried that.

According to Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer, PhD, If Wolf shows up, it means:

Season 3 of Ancient Aliens is now airing. I enjoy it tremendously, since I have personally met almost all of the commentators, at one point or another. I miss my days on the lecture circuit and it is amazing to see them on the show "BUNDLED" talking about these wonderful things. From different walks of life, from different perspectives this point in our evolution has woven us together and due to the relentless life works of these brilliant people we are so much closer to understanding who we are and where we are going. At times I spend days to look at some of my own shows and relive places Universe took me, people I met and things I learned, sometimes not even having a clue of what I either witnessed or captured on camera and now see it on Ancient Aliens, it falls into place so easily. For many years I found myself at sacred mounted prairies, in fact I live at the Mima Mounds in the Great Northwest. Mmima mounds

Who knows what my neighborhood dog/wolf is really attached to, what ---- unearthly---- thing, sound or event he is reacting to. I accidentally filmed an unearthly creature at the Mima Mounds one year...there is a difference between thought and deep down knowing

We ended 19 weeks of the encore presentation of the travel show Armchair Traveler, all 19 weeks. When deciding to re-air this time period, we did not anticipate the deeper meaning.

Here is a summery of the events of August 2005.

Thursday, August 4
We left Olympia Wednesday morning at 4 AM. The traffic was good when we started, but before long it began to rain. The unusual thing was that we encountered no wind, even in the area of the Columbia River. We stopped at the Flying J at LaGrande, OR.
Then we went to the haunted hotel at Hot Lake to do an update story. According to the new owners the hotel was quiet. She was uncomfortable talking about ghosts, even though, everyone within 100 miles was aware of the state of the hotel and talked about it to anyone wanting to listen. BUT, he, Ghost of Hot Lake, is still present and he insisted he have a piano on the premises and it is there. We stayed at the hotel in North Powder, where we had the abduction experience last year. Everything was very quiet and the Generator trucks that were there last year were gone. We are now at the Oregon Trail Restaurant of Baker City, where we again, ordered breakfast for $3.99.

Friday, August 5
Good Morning! We are on our way to Utah. Yesterday we met a music producer from Tucson, AZ who was going to Seattle. We knew about the fires and helped him re-route himself to miss them. As we were leaving Oregon we saw a huge UFO over the highway. It was flying very low and I worried that we would hit it as we drove, but we didn’t. We drove backroads and in Idaho filmed mile markers and historic markers for the show. We drove to Burley, Idaho where we spend the night at the Budget Inn. We had no coffee pot! We both love our coffee. so we really noticed the absence of the most beloved Star-Bucks. This morning we are leaving Burley and are heading towards Provo, Utah where we will spend the night.

Saturday, August 6th
We spent last night in Rupert, Idaho. We examined the crop circle fields there, but are not sure about two of them, wind disturbances in several regular crop circle fields. We went to the Thiokol missile site to look at the displays there. They were partially closed off and had removed the labels from missiles and were painting the site.
Then we traveled to Salt Lake City by back roads. So far we avoided having to do any freeway driving at all.
We spent the night with friends and they told us about a crop circle site from the previous year at Spanish Forks. We went to that field and found it has corn in it now but we could see the outline of the crop circle.
We filmed that. The friend we stayed with is Doug Lund and he wants to be our reporter for Utah! We visited the Krishna Temple outside of Provo, Utah and had lunch there. Their meeting hall is upstairs and they have a gift shop and place to eat. Later that afternoon we traveled across Provo Canyon and we are now in Green River, CO. On our trip through Utah we stopped at the rest area ,where Navajo’s have many things displayed. This evening Claudia and I decided we needed to do a summery of things experienced so far. We discussed the filming we have done and we transferred and edited our film footage. It is beautiful footage. Usually on my trips I skip the smaller sites, either because they are difficult to get in to with the RV, or my traveling companions do not want to stop. This year I am able to visit all the historic markers and other small stops and this is making some interesting filming possible. I wanted to mention……..we encountered no wind at all in Idaho. This is very unusual. Also, here in Green River we saw a double rainbow. There had been no rain yet, we saw a beautiful rainbow. Dr. Jordan was behind us by one day but we thought it was too much trouble to wait, in order to catch up with him, Claudia was on a schedule, since she had to catch a plane on a certain day. Also, our friend Bill Ramsey from Grand Junction was going to meet us in Green River but he has a painful tooth problem and won’t be able to meet with us this year.

One of the things we have noticed that is a change is we are finding memorials to soldiers everywhere. Some of the sites are for soldiers dating back to the Civil War. We have never seen so many soldier memorials before.

We are getting excellent gas mileage on this trip. We left Olympia with a full tank of gas and have just put our 3rd tank of petrol in the car since leaving. Since we have driven around 1,000 miles, we think this mileage is very good.

Tomorrow we travel to visit our Native American friends in New Mexico.

Monday, August 8
Yesterday we arrived in Chinle, Arizona. We are staying at the Best Western Hotel. We had booked our tour of Canyon DeChelle with Eleanor, but they didn’t know who she was. You have to have a tour guide in order to go into the canyon. So, we explained who Eleanor was and who her family members were and then they recognized who she was and everything with the jeep we had arranged was fine. But before I go further I have a story to tell you about yesterday in Moab, Utah. We decided to stop at a store. Claudia was speaking in German to me. A woman there answered in German. They actually live where I went to school in Germany, and they updated us on that place. Then we met a nice trucker at Hole in the Rock and had a nice visit with him. We made it just in time to eat at Mexican Waters before they close. They have the best fry bread since we left home and catfish.

I need to back up a little here. Three weeks ago I received an email from someone who listens to Coast to Coast radio. He had obtained a link to my web site through the radio show. He e-mailed that his family lived at Chinle.
I e-mailed him back and told him that I would contact him when we arrived. But, in reality he was here when we arrived and he was looking for us, except he had been looking for a car with Washington license plates, but our rental car has California license plates. But we opened the door for him and visited with him around midnight. His name is Everett.
When we arrived at this hotel there was a woman guest at the desk who seemed oriented towards being very nasty tempered. Claudia and I were talking in German and this woman also spoke German and her attitude was so bad that we were ashamed for her, she was nasty in multi languages. We put her in her place in German. When we go to a foreign country we need to feel out the customs there so we don’t offend anyone. Navajo Nation is an independent sovereign nation within this country. So this woman who was so nasty was being rude in 2 countries at the same time.

This morning we went into the Canyon with Eleanor. The trees have grown so much! It had been raining and there was water in the Canyon. Every time you go through the Canyon, the water has changed the terrain of the land and it looks much different than it did before. You can’t go the same way and have to work around the water. Sometimes it is through rivers. The water laying in the Canyon looks like it has soap floating on it. Eleanor said it is from the water in the mountain. This whips up the water and makes it foamy. Eleanor told us she had been stranded overnight on 9th Rim, when it suddenly flooded. She said she saw a goat up on the mountain who was also stranded. Eleanor was able call out the next morning. We got some terrific footage of the Canyon. We also went to see Travis Terry, the flute player, he said he was glad we stopped by, but than, we always do. We made arrangements to have dinner with Terry and his wife. When we returned from the Canyon, Everett and his nephew stopped by and we went to lunch. We had an elaborate interview with him that we filmed. This evening we are waiting for Terry, his wife and Everett to all get together and spend the evening with Claudia and I.

There are flood warnings this evening.

Our friends in Fort Defiance were supposed to come and pick up the food supplies we brought. We don’t have enough time to wait out the mud, or to see if the family will be able to get to us, since we would have to drive down there. But they could not make it, so we made other arrangements. We will be leaving here tomorrow, but Everett is going to Phoenix. He is going to take the food supplies with him and someone will pick them up from him and in a few days drive them back here.... in about two days. So the food is making a little detour, but will be back in two days, so the people get it.

Tomorrow we are going to Dulce and Taos, New Mexico. We told Eleanor we're going there and about how I got sick last year. She said she had gone there and got sick also.
This evening we are enjoying a thunderstorm, while we are nice and safe in our hotel room, waiting for Travis and his wife to arrive.

Tuesday, August 9
Will pick up where I left off last night. We did not meet up with Travis Terry last night. But one of the guides told us that I forgot to mention that he shares videos of our shows with tourists from the tour busses carrying the shows to France and Italy. We thought this was exciting! We left the canyon this morning. No one told us the main highway was 82 miles of dirt, but we were able to make it okay. We asked a woman for directions and she said she knew a shortcut, we followed her. She took us over a pass that was paved and absolutely beautiful! On the other side of the pass was a place called Red Rock. We stopped to go to the bathroom and were talking with the woman who runs a video store, the sign said “Video Rental 7 AM to 8 PM”. I gave her a copy of Bad Seed. The woman got excited and said the people bought DVD players and all she has is video tapes. The Bad Seed was the very first DVD she had in her rental place and she was so excited. As we traveled on our way we ran into some weather in Dulce, NM. While we were in Dulce, we bought round bread from the Apaches there. Next we traveled to Chama, New Mexico. This is a little town where they have a train haul supplies all around town, especially coal. We decided not to go to Taos, because we found a shortcut to Colorado, where we are going next. All the hotels in Chama were full except for one, no phone, no food. We went to a place called the Chama, New Mexico Trails Inn. All he had was the suite, but he let us have that for a discount, it was the same price other hotels were charging for regular rooms. We are so excited. The suite is large and has 3 beds.
Tomorrow we will leave on our journey to Florence, Colorado.

Wednesday, August 10
We left Chama, New Mexico around 9 this morning. We could find no restaurant and we wanted to get across the mountain before the traffic became heavy. We had stopped in San Luis Valley and could find no place to eat there, so we traveled to Fort Garland and ended up eating there in a little place. While we were there an Avon Lady stopped and talked to us. She wanted to know more about crop circles, so we talked for a while. She suggested we might want to talk to her husband, he also wanted to talk about UFO.s and about some of his experiences. But we told her we couldn’t do that, because we had to keep traveling. She left and returned a little while with her husband, anyway. We talked another two hours!

A little story here - before we left Olympia we had been told Highway 6 in Utah had been closed by a mud slide. By the time we left Provo it was fixed and opened again. While we were traveling a friend in Salt Lake City phoned to say a dynamite truck had exploded in the very same place on HWY 6. The Canyon had collapsed, so had the railroad tracks there. So Highway 6 was closed again.

We left Fort Garland and seemed to be following a truck for a long time. Then the truck was gone and we didn’t see him for a long time. Suddenly the truck was in front of us again. We have no idea where the truck came from, but it was the same truck we had been following earlier. While we were on I- 25 a new Cadillac passed us and tried to take my spot on the Freeway, like he didn’t see me at all. Then a biker lost his hat. He made a U turn on I- 25 and ran across the freeway to get his hat. Strange. Eventually we got to were we are tonight, Florence, Colorado. When we got here we learned there had been an earthquake where we had just left. We seem to be ahead of everything again.

We made unusually good time. We left Chama around 9 this morning, spent two hours talking with the woman and her husband in Fort Garland, and still got to Florence by 2 this afternoon! We had to go through three passes. One Elevation of 10,264 ft., another at 9,000 feet and the other one at about 8,000 feet. We also had construction in three places, plus we encountered cows on the highway.

Because of the short amount of time it took to get to Florence, I decided to reward myself with a steak. But when is was served to me, it was like jerky. I sent it back! So my dinner was a bowl of soup. We look forward to having a nice breakfast first thing in the morning.

We have just put our 4th tank of gas in the car. We are still getting very good gas mileage we think. We will be in Florence for several days and will be writing to you from here again tomorrow night.

Thursday, August 11
We are in Florence, Colorado! Today we went to Canyon City and shopped for a little while. We also visited with Friends and swapped war stories with them. We still haven’t heard anything in our travels about the canyon in Utah that collapsed, finally, we found an article on the Internet. We are very tired tonight. We will write more tomorrow.

Friday, August 12
We slept in this morning, because we were so tired. When we got up we decided to go get some food. We didn’t get to town in time, all restaurants in Florence close at 2 o’clock in the afternoon! Eventually we found one place that would feed us. The food was OK, back to our room and got dressed up to go to the prison. When we got to the front desk of the prison they were in line for a while for electronic devices to scan people that looked like a vacuum cleaner. The woman in front of us was vacuumed and the guard started talking to her. She kept shaking her head and they asked her to leave. All the people behind her in line were directed to the bathroom to wash their hands, because they were afraid she had something on her hands that had registered on the vacuum cleaners, and they were afraid they had touched the same door knob she had touched. We did go to the next room to fill out papers. Then we waited one hour and they told us to go home and call tomorrow. We saw so much frustration on the faces of the people. Such helplessness!
Florence is in the middle of nowhere.
There are no taxis.
There are two hotels, some people drive all day and night to get here. They come this far and then they can’t get in to see the person they came to see. Visiting starts at 5 PM, but the gate doesn’t open until 5 PM. There was a very long line of cars going to the Maximum/Supermax prisons there. We had to sign in after we got through the gate at 5 PM. Then we had to get where we are going and fill out papers again. Then we had our picture taken. Then we get vacuumed with the electronic vacuum device. By the time we are done signing in, it was a quarter to 6. Even if we had been able to get in to see Omar it would have been 8 before we had been able to see him and visiting hours end at 9 PM. No one was allowed in for a visit after the woman was turned away. I don't understand... the visitors ARE TOLD about the consequences of bringing drugs into these facilities.

We really wanted to see Omar. He is recovering from prostate cancer surgery, and he has not been well for some time. It took 4 months for Claudia to get on his visiting list. She lives in Germany and there is a lot of red tape to get through, it paid off and they finally gave her permission to visit him.

This process to visit inmates is terrible. Everyone is depersonalized - the inmates and the visitors.

So we don’t know if we will be able to see Omar tomorrow or not. We will have to wait and call the prison to see at what point they are allowing visitors. If we knew what was going on, we could adjust our schedule. But since we can’t do this we are at the mercy of the system and wait to find out what the decision of the prison will be.

If you come by plane to Florence, the closest airport is Colorado Springs. Then you have to figure out how to get to Florence. The restaurants close in the middle of the afternoon. There are no cabs. It is very difficult to visit an inmate here.
Florence is like a ghost town with occasional people walking around. Even the grocery store that used to be here is gone. There is no grocery store here. You have to drive to Canyon City to shop.

This is a sad day for us and for all those other people who had traveled so far to visit someone.

While we were sitting here this afternoon we noticed the crickets suddenly began to sing as if it was on cue. So strange... they sing, just as suddenly they stopped. All of them. Then as if on cue again, they all started and then stopped again.

We don’t know if we will even get to see Omar at all. We are hoping we will. We will write tomorrow and let you know what happens.

Saturday, August 13
We went to the prison today and we were able to see Omar. He is in a lot of pain from his prostrate cancer surgery, very brave and pretended he was fine, but we could tell he was in pain. The uncertainty of not knowing what's going on with him bothers him very much. One of the guards at the prison remembered us. He had attended one of our lecture at the Mason Hall, I had given a lecture on electronic smog there.
When we were finished visiting Omar, the restaurants were closed again. But again, we were able to find one who allowed smoking even, welcomed us and fed us. We were grateful. We are also continuing to eat the wonderful Apache round bread we bought in Dulce, NM. We will attempt to visit Omar again tomorrow.

Sunday, August 14
When we went to the prison today we learned they had changed the rules. Visitors could not get through the gate until exactly 8 AM, 11 AM and 1 PM. Since we got there at 10 we had to wait in line an hour. We noticed something we thought was humorous. On each of the light poles in the whole prison compound we could see upside down nails. Each one had birds sitting on a "bed of nails". We joked about maybe this was to make the birds register, since they could not roost on the light pole as they usually do. We had another good visit with Omar. I had done some Quantum Touch with him yesterday and he felt better today and not in as much pain. We were happy to see that. We spent most of the afternoon and evening at the hotel. Because the restaurants all close at 2 PM we could not find anyplace to have dinner. We all piled in the car and drove to the next town in our search and we were successful. Denise from the White Phoenix was visiting and she took us for dinner in Canyon City. Later on we packed the car for our trip tomorrow. Our landlady had confiscated my only copy of my book: And the moral of the story is.... and brought it back to us saying she had read the whole thing. She also said she really liked it. Tomorrow we head for Laramie, Wyoming.

Monday, August 15
We are in Laramie, Wyoming and tomorrow we will be going to Kemmerer, Wyoming. When we left Florence we stayed on PIUTE country dirt roads for about 60 miles. We got lost somewhere along the way and the only place we could find to get directions was a Topless Bar. We went in and asked for their help and they were very kind to us, helping us figure out how we should precede in order to get where we wanted to be. Tonight we are exhausted from our trip. We had a lot of fun today, but we are oh so tired.

Wednesday, August 17
Tonight we are in Burley, Idaho. We had planned on driving to Boise, Idaho today but we hit some rough weather. We stopped and filmed the Pioneer Museum in Montpelier, ID. We sat in a wagon like in pioneer days. There were actors who played the Pioneers. Claudia got a Pioneer hat and she wore it the rest of the day.
We went to Hot Springs, Idaho where they have a really great geyser. We drove to Pocatello and then dropped down to Highway 30 for much of the day. Then we drove Interstate 86 to I- 84. We saw some questionable Crop Circle fields. We filmed a lot of thunder and lightening along the way. Last night we met a pipeline inspector named Shawn from Homer, Louisiana. He was staying next to us in the motel in Kemmerer. He showed Claudia funny pictures on the computer. It was his day off and he seemed to appreciate our visit. We talked a lot about the weather and some movies, CORE, which is still running on television. The fires are still raging in Washington.

We had been trying to contact Kanashibushan and since we could not reach her, we thought maybe she had been evacuated, because of the fires. But we talked to her and she had just been out of town. We were going to see if we could visit her on our way back home, so we could do the 2006 Predictions show. Kanashibushan said she needed some time to relax and prepare and we will do the Predictions in a few weeks. Tomorrow we will be traveling north to Powder, Oregon. One thing Claudia complained about and she made it clear she was going to pass on and say was, that in the United States only one of the motels we have stayed in had a coffee pot. This meant we did have to buy a pot, so we could get our morning coffee, like we are used to.

Thursday, August 18
Today we drove through Boise, Idaho and did some filming there. We met a man in Bliss, Idaho who had a Rock Museum, we stopped and talked with him a while. We did interviews and filming all along the way today. We passed through Napa, Idaho a crazy place, because President Bush is going to be there. We also went to the Lava Beds in Idaho. I toyed with the idea of going on to Highway 12, but we couldn't because of the fires. We did a large part of the Oregon Trail today and I was able to film along the way.
Tonight we are in Baker, Oregon. Since 1997 I have wanted to do the story of the Geyser Grand Hotel. Each time we were too early or too late, or renovations were in progress, but today I got the story! I have always known ghosts were present, as I would pass it and these feelings were once again present when I was inside the Hotel.
We are getting into the bad weather. The only thing about the remainder of our trip that is causing me concern is the Pass I must cross in Pendleton, Oregon. but I am sure we will do fine. We aren't sure if we will get back to Olympia tomorrow or not. It will take a while.... Claudia has to catch a plane in Seattle, WA. Even at that.... tell me how many times we stop to do filming?

By retracing the 2005 8-State trip in 19 days we realized how many things changed, yet, some stayed the same.

SAME: Earthquakes in Colorado, approach of Katrina and as of time of this writing Irene.

SAME: Arizona was flooded and in many places on fire.

SAME: While on this trip we totally ignored the political scene, almost identical and demagogic to August 2011.

CHANGED: Omar now lives in Los Angeles, he was freed in 2010. SAME:He is still recovering from his illness.

A lot is in a name, an 80 year old guest on my show once told the story that when her grandparents arrived at Ellis Island they discovered they did not have all of their documents in order. They told the Immigration officials their name was Murphy. It was assumed they had to be Irish and they were waved thru the long line of applicants. When we name storms we give them identity. In alphabetical order or not, it would be wise to take a look at the name first. Nomenology is the art of interpreting names. It would be wise to examining the negative aspect of names given to weather systems of such magnitude.
Case in point:

KATRINA= pure, unspoiled.
Fiery, noticeable, even from a distance. Wickedly sarcastic, if patronized one will come away with more than a little sting. Difficult to be restrained in any fashion. She the ability of grouping people and makes a good coordinator setting in place model events.

At first positive.. then immersed in energy and initiative. Able to abandon path, only to further boost energy.She lives in many places, if briefly paralyzed she will change address and position herself for success. and only dissipate her energy by doing too many things at the same time.

At a very early part in my life I was a stay at home MOM.... believe it, even though a very few people actually remember this . The thing I remember most about that time period is that my Husband bought me a RAINBOW. I remember the sales person telling me it did everything except feed the babies.

Rainbow did all it promised. Spray painted, unclogged sinks and toilets, dry cleaned my cloth, had an attachment for Venetian-blinds, acted as vaporizer, with ice cubes is cooled the air, sucked dust off the furniture, destroyed Alleghenies while on low....dried my hair and oh yeah... collected water off my kitchen floor, stripped wax off the paquet, defrosted the refrigerator, sucked up insects and believe it or not...vacuumed my floor. The most amazing fact was that no matter what got sucked up could always be recovered and removed from the water left in the canister, before emptying.

*Suppose for a minute, my neighborhood dog/wolf detects things in other realms. dimensions and realities and reacts to such. *Suppose for a minute, there are similarities and repeats in time lines and occurrences and we react to that.

*Suppose for a minute, the group of people creating the Ancient Alien Series managed to remove enough left over debris from the RAINBOW canister of time to help us visualize how things might have have been and still are. An ever repeating cycle of things.

*Suppose for a minute, the stepping down of Mr.Jobs from Apple at this time, was a coincidence. Who is he and what ancient guidance is he following to affect our present like he is.

* Dick Cheney released his book and regurgitated the whole time era.
* While on the road, an American woman was murdered in Aruba. This August an American woman was murdered in Aruba.
* The young inspector from Homer, LA stayed in touch, his parents were killed in Katrina.

I went to town to pick up my friend, Kanashibushan, from the bus station, so we could film our yearly prediction show.
Her bus was delayed by 40 minutes. I asked the lady at the desk at the Greyhound station for the bathroom key. She said since I was not a ticket holder, she was not able to do so. I explained to her I really needed the bathroom, since I had a little emergency. I had not scheduled my #2. She pointed to the No Public Bathroom sign and said: "Read the sign". Oopps. And there you have it!!!

Love and Light

If you have an old Rainbow you no longer want, I would LOVE to have it.... a new one is out of my reach for the remainder of this life time.
This video came my way early in the month of August, so as requested, I am sharing.