Lilian's March 2012 Newsletter

 Being a person with an accent myself, I chuckle at things I say sometimes.
I suppose I should explain why I have an accent after 46 years.
I found people to be very distant, during the first couple of years after my arrival in my new home, America. I also found that people are nosy and once heard a couple of spoken words would inquire where I was from, with that starting a conversation. Keep in mind being an Immigrant was not an issue in the 1960's, in fact I think many people welcomed the idea that we were “IMPORTS”. Especially if we were willing to share a recipe. I made a choice to maintain my accent, since it was a great tool for me to communicate.

When on the lecture circuit 34 years later, I always started out with: My full name is Fatima Lilian Mustelier....(PLEASE pronounce each letter separately)... in case you have not noticed I have an accent. It is important that you understand me, please raise your hand if you are unable to do so and I will define what I just said, it is very important to me that we use the same vocabulary. It worked like a charm, each time and my audience and myself were interacting and for a small amount of time we were all ONE PEOPLE. Interested in the same subject.

Another way my accent comes in handy is during my weekly TV Show: A Visit with a Person of High Strangeness. I deliberately spoke very slow for the first year or so, which helped my viewers to get familiar with the rhythm of my voice. I can now rattle of anything, sometimes it comes out incorrect and blindfolded, my audience KNOWS it is me talking. When I have very distinguish guests, some of which love to sound smarter than the rest of us, I usually stop them, explaining I am a foreigner and need a definition of a word, since I do not know the word. Sometimes the guest will give me a strange look, not realizing that this was deliberate on my part. I know what he/she said and am familiar with the material, the viewer might not be, therefore it is important to me big words will be described, since the English language is so NOT descriptive.
Not sure, but I think it is a leftover from my early years in Church, the Elders would pause during a sermon stating to have one of the foreign sisters define words, they smile and add: “If they don't know the definition they, the foreign sisters, look it up in the dictionary.” We, of course, loved the acknowledgment.

When we adopt English as a second language, or even the 3rd or 4th, we repeat the words we hear. From people around us and or TV. We repeat the words as we hear them, in most cases using hand or facial gestures to get our point across. In some cases we intermingle English words, names or places, since there is no translation, or we assume everyone is familiar with certain terms. In bilingual families it is not unusual to speak 2-3 languages in the same sentence, without problems.

I read a lot the first few years, I had children and wanted to make sure I had a broad knowledge of what was relevant of the country I had chosen to make my home for the rest of my life. I remember reading the Fulkenhurst Series, books about the OLD SOUTH, it was written, in part, like the people talked and I soon was able to read the dialect so easy, I could hear the people speak, as I followed the the storyline.

Eventually I wrote my own book: And the Moral of the story is: One person at a time. (Free download for you)
It is written the way I talk. The first person reading it, was a neighbor, an English teacher by trade. When discussing the book with me, she said that for a brief moment she thought I had misspelled BEING, a word I use very often and she immediate realized it was spelled BEEING on purpose and everything which followed was not irritating, it should have been for an English teacher.... She understood what I was doing.
Unfortunately she did not live long enough to read the 4 books which followed, they is in perfect English, deliberately.

Enter the Digital age........................
While writing in 1996 I decided to join the age of technology and buy a voice activated program, VIA VOICE. It was expensive, for the times, but I thought it would make my task much easier. I followed the instructions to the letter and realized it did not understand me. Went something like this:
Do you mean?
Would you rather?
Please repeat.
This is not in my vocabulary.
Allow me to substitute.
Needless to say I wanted to kill the viavoice, my PC and run away from home.

Bahnhof means Train Station. When the Americans first came to Germany, they knew the Bahnhof was the central point in town, and each person used it as a starting point in giving directions, if lost and unable to speak German, the GI's would say Bahnhof. We knew how to point and somehow explain how to get to the Bahnhof. At one point the word was used and substituted for many things, OR, in utter frustration meant I have no idea what you just said. SO, Bahnhof has become an international term of frustration. When you see Bahnhof, Bahnhof on my 9 language face-book page, it means I have NO CLUE what you are posting......

In 1999 I switched from CB to Cellphone while traveling. The phone had a voice activated feature. I thought it was wonderful to be able to give commands while driving without distractions. WRONG! Phone did not understand me and I yelled at it constantly, which confused the phone more and I yelled even more. I switched back to CB, before starting my return trip.

Animated businesses followed and NONE of the computers understand people with accents, forget pushing 1 for English, it is a waste of time and will only frustrate you, push 0 as soon as it starts and tell the Attending the computer does not understand you, they do know what you mean, since you are not the only person, they are used to it.
Computers don't do well with Dialects, also.

It appears we, the People, have a terrible habit of using groups and people for political gain, at times it appears each group gets a turn, eventually. Sometimes it is short lived, in some instances it lasts for 100's of years.
Outsourcing came along and with it another problem. Many major companies hired foreign telephone assistance. Think of the last time you needed technical help with a router, a cable reset, help with an exchange......

Many Government Agencies employ new AMERICAN citizens of foreign origin and that can be a challenge.
In my own family we speak English, Guatemalan-Spanish, Cuban -Spanish, German, 4 versions of Frankonian Dialect, a form of German, Ebonics, Urban Dialects and a Creole Type Kauderwelch.
Since we all know one another, we are familiar with each others body language and can pretty much get the jist of what we are trying to say. In PERSON. On the phone we can substitute English or any French words... I am still learning computer abbreviations... and with that we can all communicate.

When I speak to a foreigner on the phone I ask what country they are from.... sometimes I can tell they are displeased with the question. I then explain that it helps me to understand them better and we continue. Of course there are days I want to destroy the phone out of frustration, in which case rather than asking for an English speaking person, which can be misinterpreted and is politically wrong, I just hang up and start all over with someone else. Since calls are lost so often, in my mind that is a better solution, rude maybe, but it does not appear to be offensive.

All of my life I have been fascinated with people of different cultures. I have studied, or should I say taught myself by observing closely different bone structure, body language and speech patterns. It led me to my own reality... that speech patterns and speech rhythms are cultural, depending where you live and train your vocal cords a certain way. Voice has a pattern, each culture has a different rhythm in speech.
Many sounds are hard to duplicate. For instance:
Zwetchgenkuchen. ZW is pronounced QUETSCH. It sounds like quetsckehuche.
Especially East European accents sound different due to the fact that the vocal cords have to be able to pronounce ZC, TZ, HZ, HACH and KW. NK,which is a click sound and roll the R, RRRRRRR.
A famous Musician friend of mine adored a Lady I knew. He wanted to serenade her, except he did not speak Roma. He wanted it to sound perfect, so what we did was to write out the English version of In your Eyes, by George Benson, into Italian, We then took that and wrote it out into German....because of the rhythm and sound pattern of that language and he sang it reading it in that way. It was PERFECT ROMA, once it arrived at our ears.
I don't care if I say things in perfect pronunciation, I have no problem with having someone finish a word for me. In fact, sometime I make people aware I am unable to pronounce a word and cover that shortcoming with a little chuckle.

I tested my theory, in preparation for this newsletter, this weekend. Our annual Pow Wow presented this opportunity to me. Having spent time with many of the South West, Midwest and a few interactions with North West Native tribes, they were gracious and allowed me to guess which tribe they were by observation and sound of their voice. My success rate was 89%.


In the January 2012 newsletter I wrote the following:
I guess over the past week I wondered if there could be any physical evidence of something having happened during the time of the eclipse. I do know that due to the size of the Universe, things don't happen on a dime, so when today, December 28th 2011, I got a phone call from from my friend Bill Ramsey telling me there was a major event, I kind of figured that is what I was looking for. (Bill Ramsey monitors sounds and discrepancies in space)
12. 28. 2011 at 7:55 AM Mountain time, a 2 hours quiet period occurred on his instruments. This happened once before in 2000 and was a rotation adjustment and simultaneous time shift. Bill suggested we should trust our memories about the year 2000.

In January 2012 Washington State had an epic storm, which at time of this report, 2.24.12, is still in process of being cleaned up. I, along with others, noticed how the colors in nature “Changed”.

February 17th 2012 my life turned totally hectic. People dropped in, came out of the woodwork with questions, Drama and demand for “HELP.” I was wondering what was causing this flood of request for answers from people I had talked to for years. I attended the Pow Wow and like always the vibration raised my spirits and awareness.

It would appear something did change. Recommended changes, some as old as 4 years, if neglected, are being forced on people. I compared it to my changed life when the Nisqually Quake threw my house into a hole, rendered me homeless and forced me to start anew, somewhere totally different. Had I made the proper adjustments willingly I think the transition would have been less stressful, HOWEVER in hind sight I prefer the way it happened and the choice was taken away from me.
The transitions some of my acquaintances are forced to make are not regional. I was rather occupied with 6 individuals, which came to me in person, and there are 18 calls/messages on my phone.
The changes forced on people in 2000-2001 were not gradual and/or evolutionary. They just appeared. BAM! Almost over night.
Many people changed, bone structure changed, weight of almost everyone on the planet changed and Designers scramble to accommodate the new physical shape of the people. Some became enlightened, some were unable to deal with the new frequency and they just died. They were young and died at a noticeable rate all of a sudden.

As I am deciphering my thoughts I got an email from NASA. It explained a rather unusual alignment over the weekend. It brought to mind that a few months before the 2001 Nisqually Earthquake, while visiting Randy Shaw and his family on their Estate, we filmed what we thought the Moon jumping, Mars was to the left of the Moon and than to the right of the Moon in a flash. We are still talking about the Moon- Jumping Night, while we, 5 in total, watched from the river.
The alignment NASA announced was that of VENUS, JUPITER and the MOON, which were all visible to the naked eye. Amazingly the alignment changed the NEXT DAY, 24 hours Earth time. I am assuming this would look like they jumped. Consider the distance and the size of these heavenly bodies.
When filming the camera perceives things somewhat different than I do, the details are great and more often than not, I think I missed something,while observing something, But it is visible on the tape. Ghosts, ENERGIES and atmospheric disturbances are very distinct when reviewing the tape.
This is an excerpt from the NASA article, in which it explained why all of a sudden we are able to see the planets so clearly. It also my mind.... why we see color in nature so very different and intense. It would appear our consciousness was boosted and we are more aware of our surroundings. At least some of us.

There’s something mesmerizing about stars and planets bunched together in this way—and, no, you’re not imagining things when it happens to you.  The phenomenon is based on the anatomy of the human eye.

Gross Anatomy of the eye by Helga Kolb

The fovea is responsible for our central, sharpest vision. [more]
"Your eye is a bit like a digital camera," explains optometrist Dr. Stuart Hiroyasu of Bishop, California. "There's a lens in front to focus the light, and a photo-array behind the lens to capture the image. The photo-array in your eye is called the retina. It's made of rods and cones, the organic equivalent of electronic pixels."
There’s a tiny patch of tissue near the center of the retina where cones are extra-densely packed. This is called “the fovea.”
"Whatever you see with the fovea, you see in high-definition," Hiroyasu says. The fovea is critical to reading, driving, watching television. The fovea has the brain's attention.
The field of view of the fovea is only about five degrees wide. Most nights in March, Venus and Jupiter will fit within that narrow cone.  And when they do—presto!  It’s spellbinding astronomy.

The next mailing from NASA alerted me to an Eclipse on the SUN.

Much like an accent, what we think we hear or see and what it really is, is sometimes not even related and only when we are forced to muddle our way through a situation under forced circumstances are we able to adjust.
My life mate lives in Los Angeles. The other day he reminded me he needed a prescrition for newpaper and to makes sure I took care of the Bitchtree.

Love and Light
Here is a copy of the January newsletter for comparison
The Audio on this video is poor for a few seconds, but it is essential you see this, it proves my point.

Love and Light